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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Did you know you can request a utility usage report from Austin Energy for your home seller? The utility report can be added to an MLS listing to improve the marketability of an energy efficient home. Have your client fax a Release of Customer Information Authorization Form to Austin Energy, and you can request a utility usage report on your client’s behalf.

Complying with ECAD Ordinance

The City of Austin’s Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) Ordinance, requires that energy audits be conducted and disclosed for many homes for sale within the Austin city limits. As of May 2011, the ordinance requires audits be disclosed no later than 3 days prior to the end of the option period. Below, you’ll find resources to help you understand and comply with the City of Austin’s ECAD Ordinance.

  • Have questions about how the ordinance will affect your business?  Download the City of Austin’s Guide to ECAD.
  • Review and print the City of Austin’s Energy Audit Disclosure form, which will allow you to append a property’s energy audit to the Seller’s Disclosure Form.
  • Looking for detailed information about the ordinance? Visit the City of Austin’s website for additional forms and facts.

How ABoR Supports ECAD

ABoR is committed to the principles of energy conservation and sustainability. We strive to keep our members abreast of new technology, education, and resources as they become available. As we look to the future, we know it is essential for our membership to understand the issues relating to green building and properties, as the green building movement is changing the way consumers buy and sell homes across the country.

Studies show consumers consider energy efficiency, a key green building feature, an important factor when buying a home. While energy efficiency is not the only green building feature we will focus on, it is an important aspect when determining a consumer’s ability to afford a home. Because of the important role rising energy costs play in homeownership, ABoR supports energy conservation efforts. We also understand the gravity of protecting Austin’s unique environment.

ACTRIS Offers Improved Green MLS Data

As consumer awareness of green building and energy efficiency continues to rise, ABoR and the Austin/Central Texas Realty Information Service (ACTRIS) are committed to providing our members with the resources needed to serve their clients.

In January 2011, the ACTRIS Advisory Committee established the Green Fields Task Force to develop a proposal for improving the green building property information available in the ACTRIS MLS. The task force consulted a wide range of local stakeholders, including REALTOR® members, appraisers, green builders and Austin Energy representatives. The final proposal, approved by the ACTRIS Advisory Committee earlier this year, will improve agents’ ability to list and search for green homes in Central Texas.

New Green Data Fields

The addition of 40 new pick-list values to existing MLS fields will ensure that common green property features and big-ticket items are accessible when you’re identifying comparable properties or searching for clients. The new Energy, Environment and Sustainability Information section contains a simplified set of fields that clearly indicate whether a home has green features such as Upgraded Energy Efficiency Features, Healthy Living Features, environmentally friendly Materials and Construction, Water Conservation, or Sustainability Features.

Improved Green Building Rating Information

The Green Rating Program field has been expanded to include Building America, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, HERS and ICC-700 National Green Building Standard. To improve the accuracy of green rating data, the Rating Achieved field and Rating Year field are now required if any Green Building Program is selected.

Energy, Environment and Sustainability(EES) Attachment

The new Energy, Environment and Sustainability (EES) attachment is intended to supplement MLS data with detailed information about five categories of green property features: energy efficiency; healthy living; materials and construction; water conservation; and sustainability. Additionally, the EES attachment will provide green building and energy efficiency ratings documentation. The EES attachment is designed to be completed by the Seller, and will be required if the listing agent indicates that a property has EES Features by selecting “yes” in this MLS field. Although the EES attachment is not searchable on the MLS, the detailed information will be a valuable resource to appraisers assigning value to green property features.


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