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As an ACTRIS Subscriber, you also can subscribe to our KEY and lockbox services provided by Supra. The eKEY or ActiveKEY allow you to access lockboxes, which provide storage for property keys.

Subscribers have a choice between two types of KEYs:


The eKEY service allows you to open lockboxes using your smartphone without having to fumble with a FOB or additional piece of equipment. The eKEY service enables agents to operate basic lockbox functions, including opening lockboxes and changing lockbox hours. The eKEY works directly with the eKEY app, which you can download from Google Play (Androids) or the App Store (iPhones).

Have you downloaded the eKEY and need a 30-digit activation code? Quickly receive your code at Supra's website or call Supra at 877-699-6787.

eKEY Highlights:

  • A one-time $108.25 ABoR activation fee applies.
  • Service fees are $116.91 on a semiannual basis.
  • Insurance is not available for eKEYs.

How to Use the eKEY



ActiveKEY systems send real-time alerts to a leased, cradle-free device each time an lockbox is opened.





ActiveKEY Highlights:

  • A one-time $108.25 ABoR activation fee applies.
  • The deposit for the ActiveKEY is $250.00.
  • Service fees are $126.00 (plus tax) on a semiannual basis.
  • Insurance is available for $12.00 (plus tax) on a semiannual basis.
  • The ActiveKEY is leased equipment.

How to Use the ActiveKEY


iBox BT LE right


The iBox BT LE lockboxes are available for purchase at both ABoR REALTOR® Stores. Each lockbox costs $115.00 (plus tax). Both the eKEY and the ActiveKEY will open the lockboxes.


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