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Commitment to Integrity in Advertising

REALTORS® have advertising rules and guidelines to follow from a variety of sources, including the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). Following these guidelines ensures that REALTORS® maintain a high ethical standard of communication with consumers that promotes REALTOR® integrity.

Advertising Rules

The following are links to the different advertising guidelines REALTORS® must follow. Please review these guidelines to make sure your ad is compliant.

REALTOR® Advertising Guidelines

Checklist of Advertising Guidelines

According to the Texas Real Estate License Act, a real estate broker or salesperson cannot publish misleading ads. Article 12 of the NAR Code of Ethics is consistent with the Real Estate License Act requirements and TREC rules.

The following is a checklist to help you create ads that meet advertising guidelines of the Code and Act.

  • My ad is not misleading nor does it tend to create a misleading impression in any manner.
  • My ad contains the name of my real estate firm.
  • My ad identifies the professional or license status of everyone, including the firm and all individuals named in the ad.
  • As a real estate salesman, my name is not the only name that appears in the ad.
  • I have proper authority to publish or submit the ad.
  • The price quoted is the price agreed upon by the owner.
  • Any service being offered as “free of charge” in my ad is not tied to any service for which I am to be compensated.
  • My ad fully describes the conditions of inducement offers.
  • Any ownership interest I have in the property is disclosed.

Advertising FAQs

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