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As a REALTOR®, you go to great lengths to ensure the safety of your clients. However,
the unique duties of your profession—holding open houses, interacting with strangers,
including your photograph on marketing materials—can increase your exposure to potential danger. The following list provides safety tips for REALTORS® and their clients:

  • Check your mobile phone’s signal and battery strength prior to your open house or
    client meeting.
  • Meet new clients at your office; verify clients’ identities and photocopy their driver’s licenses.
  • Whenever possible, avoid being in the office or at an open house alone.
  • If you attend open houses alone, arrange for a co-worker or friend to phone at least
    once per hour.
  • Have all visitors sign in and request identification when you hold open houses; request full name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • Do not use your personal address or telephone number on marketing materials.
  • Limit the amount of personal information you disclose online.
  • Advise clients to secure valuables (e.g. jewelry, medication, sensitive personal
    documents) in a safe or remove them from the premises prior to showing their
    homes or holding an open house.
  • Never hesitate to contact your local law enforcement agency if you feel threatened.
  • Never leave valuables such as your phone or laptop in a vacant property.
  • Check all rooms and consider your “escape” route.
  • Always walk behind the prospect when showing homes.
  • Inform a neighbor that you’ll be showing the house and ask them to be on the look-
    out for anything unusual.
  • Don’t assume you’re alone—check the yard and all rooms before locking doors. Be
    prepared to defend yourself, if necessary.

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