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ABoR REALTOR® Membership

New Member Orientation
When: First 120 days
Cost: Free
Required by: NAR, TAR, ABoR
Hours: 2.5 hours

NAR Code of Ethics*
When: First year
Cost: Free
Required by: NAR, TAR, ABoR
Hours: 3 CE hours

*Available at ABoR or online at If you take it at please forward your completion record to ABoR at

TREC License Renewal

First License Renewal
When: Two years after getting license
Cost: Varies
Required by: TREC
Hours: 98* (90 SAE Hours + 8 Hours of Mandated CE Classes)

For SAE hours, take the three GRI (Graduate of REALTOR® Institute) courses. Each one of these courses earns you 30 core SAE hours and they can be taken in any order. Once you complete all three GRI courses, you will also receive a designation.

*Starting in 2016 you also need to take TREC Legal I (4 CE hours) and TREC Legal II (4 CE hours) in addition to the 90 SAE hours.

Second and All Following License Renewals
When: Every two years after first renewal
Cost: Varies
Required by: TREC
Hours: 18 hours* (4 hours TREC Legal I, 4 hours TREC Legal II,  10 CE elective hours).

If you are a broker holding sales agents licenses, you are mandated to take six hours of Broker Responsibility as part of your 18 hours.

*In 2016, the required hours for second and all following license renewals change from 15 hours to 18 hours.



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