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REALTOR® Membership

Individuals who hold an active real estate license, and are active in the real estate profession and its recognized branches are eligible for REALTOR® membership. Individuals must be employed by or affiliated as an independent contractor with a Designated Realtor who has an office that is open to the public for the conduct of real estate or appraisal business.

Austin/Central Texas Realty Information Service Subscription (ACTRIS)

Individuals who hold an active real estate license and are members of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) may participate in the ACTRIS MLS. Please note: secondary members can only access the MLS if their Designated Realtor belongs to ACTRIS.

ABoR Affiliate Membership

Individuals engaged in business allied to real estate, but who do not hold an active real estate license are eligible for an ABoR Affiliate membership. Affiliate Members who have interests in real estate-related information may also benefit from ABoR membership. The first person from a firm joins as a Corporate Affiliate, and other staff within that firm may then join as Individual Affiliates. Corporate Affiliate status includes membership in the Austin Board of REALTORS® (ABoR) and Texas Association of REALTORS® (TAR). Individual Affiliate status provides membership in ABoR only.

Non-licensed Assistant Membership

Non-licensed assistants who do not hold an active real estate license or an appraiser license may access the MLS by becoming a non-licensed assistant. A non-licensed assistant must be sponsored by a Designated REALTOR®.


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