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ActiveKEY Updates

One of the benefits in the ActiveKEY is the ability to update the software on the key remotely.  Recently Supra issued an update to the keys utilized by Austin agents. This update will be a huge benefit in the effort to make our keys more users friendly and conserve the battery life of the key.  A few of the changes are as follows:

  1. Radio On/Off option: We noticed it was very easy to turn off the “radio” in the ActiveKEY which would, in turn, turn off the ability for the key to update wirelessly. This option has been removed so your key will remain updated.

  2. Conservation Feature: We know the battery life in the key has had some concerns so to alleviate those concerns the ActiveKEY will only receive showing notification in real time during the hours of 8am-8pm. Doing this allows the key to be in sleep mode however still be fully functional from 8pm-8am to conserve battery life.

  3. Showing Notification On/Off: This feature allows the user to extend the battery life of the key by turning off the ability to receive showing notifications on the key.  The user will still have the ability to receive showing notification via email in real time.  The option to choose between receiving showing notifications instantly or daily has been removed and all showing notification will display instantly if the showing notifications are enabled.

  4. Safe Mode: We all know the extreme temperatures that can be reached in the summertime; if the ActiveKEY reaches a temperature over 131 degrees F the key will automatically go into safe mode. If you see a message on your ActiveKEY that says: MAXTEMP EXCEEDED SAFE MODE ON, your key has reached a high temperature and cannot be used until it cools down. High or Low temperature conditions can shorten battery life or cause and ActiveKEY to malfunction.

  5. Audio Tones: Rather than turning on/off each type of audio tone in the ActiveKEY all of the audio tones are turned on/off together. The audio tones are set by going to the preferences menu option on the ActiveKEY and making your selections.
Conservation to the ActiveKEY battery life is vitally important to any agent. To ensure that the battery life can last for long periods of time all the aforementioned changes will help to do just that. If you have any questions or concerns contact the Membership Department at 512-454-7636 or at membership@abor.com.