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MLS Bonus Services

In addition to the MLS system, ABoR delivers services that help you effectively market yourself and your listings. These MLS Bonus Services are included in your MLS subscription.

Document Manager

Document Manager provides a simple, intuitive platform to digitize, share and manage documents online. This free MLS bonus service gives you the tools to streamline your workflow and seamlessly manage every phase of the real estate transaction. Plus, enjoy real savings for your business; paperless offices run better, cost less and boost productivity.

Realist 2

Offering the same reliable tax data as Realist Classic, the redesigned Realist 2 has a new, property-centric display that provides a comprehensive view of the real estate market. Enhanced customization and innovative features are designed to give you an edge in today's competitive marketplace

Cloud CMA

Free for ACTRIS members, Cloud CMA is the easy way to generate stunning reports for buyers and sellers. The goal? To make you look awesome in front of your clients. Click the Cloud CMA icon on your MLS login portal to get started today. 

Centralized Showing Service

CSS enables you to easily set up showing appointments online through its scheduling tool, CSS Scheduler. Developed to streamline the showing appointment process, CSS Scheduler is integrated in the MLS, providing a single interface for members. CSS Scheduler will be available in March 2015. Find out more about how this tool can simplify your showings.



MLS-Connect saves you time while reducing data entry mistakes. Within zipForm® Plus, you can import MLS data directly to a zipForm® transaction, eliminating the need for double data entry for many fields in a transaction.

Mobile Solutions

ACTRIS provides the following mobile solutions to help REALTORS® conduct business on-the-go. These products are available to ACTRIS subscribers at no additional cost.

MLS-Touch App

Mobile-optimized searching delivers instant access to listing details, photos, agent contact information, market stats, comps and more. Available for iPhone and Android smartphones.


zipForm® Mobile Web Edition

When business has “left the building” zipForm® Mobile Web Edition empowers you to create, complete and manage your zipForm® transactions from your iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry. View, fill, edit and email your forms while in the field.

Data Co-op

Fast, easy access to the most comprehensive property information available . View MLS listing details, photos, tax information, community demographics, market trends and more on one simple interface. Mac-, PC- and tablet-friendly!

ABoR.com Mobile

ABoR provides a mobile-optimized version of Abor.com for convenient access to support services, contact information, market statistics, industry news, upcoming education and events, Mobile Edit and Mobile MLS. Visit www.Abor.com/Mobile on your mobile device.

Realist Mobile App

The days of pulling a tax report at the office are history. View tax details and share essential market information with your clients when you’re on-the-go using Realist Mobile for iPhone and Android smartphones. Learn more.

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Important MLS Support Contacts

MLXchange, Fusion and Data Co-Op Help Desk
Phone: 866-776-0661
Email: ACTRIS Help Desk
Online: AnswerLink Support Central (Select the Austin Central Texas option).
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m., Monday through Friday/ 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Saturday through Sunday.

MLS Rules and Regulations
Phone: 512-454-7636, ext. 2001
Email: ABoR's MLS Support Team
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

MLS Violations
Phone:512-454-7636, ext. 2001
Email: betterdata@abor.com
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

Realist Tax
Phone: 512-454-7636, ext. 2001
Email: ABoR's MLS Support Team
Online: www.realist.com/blog/getting-started

Keys and Lockboxes


Phone: 877-699-6787
Email: suprasupport@fs.utc.com