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Pocket Real Estate Wireless

Access MLS Information From Your Wireless Phone

Pocket Real Estate (PRE) Wireless software brings MLS content to any Web-enabled mobile telephone. Unlike previous software that only allowed users to download static MLS content onto mobile communication devices, PRE Wireless brings you live content. With this wireless service, you can access the latest listings and photographs, calculate mortgages, view market statistics and save client profiles from your smartphone, handheld computer or PDA.

Configuring Your Device for Pocket Real Estate

  1. On your smartphone, go to http://prewireless.com

  3. Click OK on the Configuration screen.

  5. Complete the requested information exactly as follows:


      License ID: 780402 (Site License#)

      Password: 330418 (Site Password #)

      MLS Agent ID: Use your agent license # without the leading zero

      MLS Password: Use your ABoR.com password (Not your MLS/password)


    Important note: The configuration screen asks for four login codes. The License ID and Password codes provided above are NOT examples. These are site codes which all ACTRIS subscribers must use to access PRE Wireless. The final two codes are your personal identifying information which will confirm your ACTRIS subscription.


  7. Tab or select Submit to login. A Pocket Real Estate screen appears confirming you are logged in.

  9. Click OK to view the Main Menu.

A cookie will be placed on your device which will bypass the login screen in the future. The cookie will last up to one year. However, it can also be deleted or corrupted forcing you to repeat the login process. Should the cookie expire or be deleted, simply follow the above directions to resume your access to PRE Wireless.

If you have any technical support issues with PRE Wireless, contact support@pocketrealestate.com.