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What is Syndication?

Syndication is the process of distributing listing information to advertising websites, such as,, and There are over 50 third-party advertising websites available to brokers.

It’s important to note that syndication is not IDX (Internet Data Exchange), also known as “broker reciprocity.” IDX enables brokers to share their listings with other brokers for display on their consumer-facing website, whereas syndication is the display of listings on third-party websites.

The Problems with Syndication

ABoR is aware that several third-party advertising websites are not “REALTOR®-friendly” meaning that they do not necessarily adhere to ABoR's data integrity standards consistent with the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. Because of this, these websites may often have the following issues with their property data:

  • Listings are often outdated.
  • Property information isn't necessarily pulled from a TREC-approved MLS.
  • REALTOR® contact information may be inaccurate.
  • Listing data and REALTOR® contact info may be syndicated and duplicated without the broker's permission.

ABoR's Role in Syndication

ABoR only offers syndication to websites that agree to data integrity standards that ensure brokers’ listing data is used and displayed in a responsible and ethical manner. ABoR seeks to protect the integrity of Austin-area property information, address concerns about the business practices of non-REALTOR® consumer websites, and to mitigate issues caused by inaccurate listing data in the home buying and selling process.

ABoR and the ABoR MLS offer syndication to the following REALTOR®-friendly websites:

To send a listing to these websites, you’ll need to check the appropriate boxes in the “Listing Will Appear On” box within the Internet Display section of the Remarks tab when entering a new listing.


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