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These days, it’s not uncommon for consumers to find duplicate, outdated, and inaccurate listings on third-party consumer websites. This display of inaccurate information negatively affects homeowners and diminishes the reputation of REALTORS®. That’s why ABoR has taken a stand to protect the integrity of your data and your profession.Where-are-Your-Listings-Going-Blog-03-300x248

Listing syndication is and always has been broker-driven, but tools that have enabled a “set it and forget it” approach to marketing have been harmful to the real estate industry.

Brokers should know how and where their listing data is being sent 
Many brokers and agents unknowingly syndicate their listings through multiple sources, resulting in duplicate and outdated listings being displayed on third-party websites. Many non-REALTOR® websites accept listings from IDX and property tour vendors, franchises, and individual agents—all in addition to the MLS. But not all data feeds are created equal. When an active listing is syndicated through multiple sources, any updates to the price or status will be communicated through the MLS data feed, but lower-quality sources may not communicate the update in a timely manner, if at all. This can result in listings being advertised long after sale.

REALTOR® Magazine published the image below to help REALTORS® visualize these problematic syndication scenarios.Help ensure that your listings are advertised appropriately and ethically by talking to your vendors about syndication and data integrity.

Three syndication scenarios


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