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Voting is only open to Primary or Secondary Realtor Board members. If you have not logged-in, please do so to vote.

Who is on the ballot?

You will be casting your vote to fill seven (7) Board seats. They represent five (5) full term seats and two (2) seats with partial terms. The following candidates are eligible for the seven (7) open Board of Directors positions:

Theresa Bastian (View Bio)
Lynda Conway (View Bio)
Valorie Ann Doyle (View Bio)
Ashley Holmes Jackson (View Bio)
Bill Morris (View Bio)

Jonathan Boatwright (View Bio)
Matthew Cornwall (View Bio)
John Crowe (View Bio)
Charlotte Lipscomb (View Bio)
Ryan Rodenbeck (View Bio)
Cord Shiflet (View Bio)
Brian Talley (View Bio)
Anne Wheeler (View Bio)



Who is eligible to vote?

A dues-paying Primary and Secondary REALTOR® member is eligible to vote, and will see a “VOTE NOW” button appear once he/she is logged into their account. If you are logged in and do not see the “VOTE NOW” button, then you are not a Primary or Secondary REALTOR® member, and therefore are not eligible to vote in this election.

Why is there an election this year?

A number of ABoR members fulfilled the petition requirements, triggering an election for the open Board of Directors seats, per the ABoR Bylaws Section 5a. This states that signatures from 5% of the REALTOR® Members are required, with no more than 25% from any one company, to hold an election for the open Board of Directors positions. These names have been added to those nominated by the ABoR Nominating Committee.

What if I have questions on the voting process?

If you have any questions or troubleshooting needs regarding the ballot voting process, please contact Election Services Corp. at 866-720-4357 (M-F, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST), or Since this election is hosted by an independent, secure, 3rd party service, ABoR and its employees will not be able to answer any questions on how to vote or how to troubleshoot.

Where can I learn more?

- Read more about ABoR's governance here.
- Interested in learning more about the guidelines that the Austin Board of REALTORS® adheres to? The ABoR Bylaws are published on the ABoR website for member-viewing.

Thank you for taking the time from Wednesday, October 11 to 5:00 p.m. CST on Monday, October 16 to cast your vote.





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