2020 Global Advisory Group

2020 ABoR Global Advisory Group

The Global Advisory Group consists of the Global Chair, Vice-Chair, Past Chair, as well as two Global Ambassadors. These positions are held by ABoR members and/or affiliated professionals who have expertise in global real estate.

Bill Boyd
ABoR Global Ambassador, Global Advisory Chair
Email | +1 (512) 750-1070
Languages – Native English, conversational Spanish

Gulay Bozdag, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Global Advisory Vice-Chair | Western Europe, Israel & Turkey
Email | +1 (512) 550-8670
Languages – Native Turkish, English

Bob Kenney, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Past Global Advisory Chair
Email | +1 (512) 922-4922
Languages – Native English

Jefre Outlaw 
ABoR Global Ambassador, Commercial
Email | +1 (512) 698-0918
Languages – Native English
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Charles Clay, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Global Advisory | Brazil
Email | +1 (512) 922-4922
Languages – Native English, Portuguese

2020 ABoR Global Ambassadors

ABoR Global Ambassadors are appointed by the ABoR Global Advisory Group to serve as liaisons to their assigned country. They are generally CIPS designees with a working knowledge of the culture and language of the country they represent. In addition, Global Ambassadors provide insight into emerging real estate strategies, trends, and resources within their respective focus.

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Inelda Brown, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Panama & Dominican Republic | NAHREP
Email | +1 (512) 470-7304
Languages – Native Spanish, English

Stacy Brunson, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, North America—Canada & U.S.
Email | +1 (512) 626-0733
Languages – Native English, Spanish, Catalan

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Beata Burgeson, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Poland
Email | +1 (512) 554-6712
Languages – Native Polish, English

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Socar Chatmon-Thomas, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Africa
Email | +1 (512) 784-7150
Languages – Native English, Spanish

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Christine Chau, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, AREAA
Email | +1 (512) 293-2700
Languages – Native English, Chieu Chow, Vietnamese

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Mary Crecelius, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Pacific
Email | +1 (512) 422-9121
Languages – Native English, German

Ed Eakin, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Mexico
Email | +1 (512) 801-9999
Languages – Native English, Learning Spanish
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Alina Gibbs, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Russia
Email | +1 (512) 317-0575
Languages – Native Russia, Fluent Korean, English

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Laura Johansson, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Nordic (Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland)
Email | +1 (512) 251-4006
Languages – Native English, Fluent Swedish, Spanish

Viktoriia Jones, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, AYREP
Email | +1 (512) 251-4006
Languages – Native Russian, English

Susy Kang, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Asia—Pacific
Email | +1 (512) 695-1481
Languages – Native Korean, English

Dave Kapur, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Asia—India
Email | +1 (804) 245-9446
Languages – Native Hindi, Punjabi, English

Charlotte Lipscomb, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, United Kingdom
Email | +1 (512) 574-5073
Languages – Native English

Mara Macon, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Israel
Email | +1 (512) 923-1935
Languages – Native English, Hebrew, Spanish

Gisell Merizalde, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, South America
Email | +1 (512) 574-5073
Languages – Native Spanish, English

Régine Nelson, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Spain
Email | +1 (512) 574-5073
Languages – Native English, Multilingual French, Spanish, Haitian-Creole 

Lara Pavanelli, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Europe—Spain & Portugal
Email | +1 (512) 909-5807
Languages – Native Italian, Multilingual English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Tari Pilgreen, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, Australia
Email | +1 (512) 541-3885
Languages – Native English, Spanish, Portuguese

Robin Rhoads
ABoR Global Ambassador, Portugal
Email | +1 (512) 919-2473
Languages – Native English

Jillian Rose, CIPS
ABoR Global Ambassador, France
Email | +1 (512) 574-5073
Languages – Native English, Fluent French

Matthais Thiele
ABoR Global Ambassador, Germany
Email | +1 (512) 574-5073
Languages – Native German, Fluent English, Beginner French

Memo Vargas, CIPS
Global Ambassador, Mexico
Email | +1 (512) 801-9999
Languages – Native Spanish, English

Global Ambassador, China

Christine G Wren, CIPS, C2EX, ABoR Staff
ABoR Global Liaison, Global Programs Lead
Email | +1 (512) 535-3030
Languages – Native English

ABoR Global Mission Statement

To promote global education, partnerships and networking opportunities to help members increase awareness, knowledge, and success in the global real estate arena.

ABoR Global Business Alliance

To get updates from the ABoR Global Business Alliance, please sign up here.

The ABoR Global Ambassador Handbook contains essential information to begin your global journey at ABoR. The application processes for the 2021 ABoR Global Ambassadors will take place fall of 2020.

Please contact Christine Wren, your ABoR Global Liaison, Special Programs Lead with questions regarding global programming or volunteer opportunities. 

The Austin Board of REALTORS® Global Handbook is, in part, based on the National Association of REALTORS® global structure and recommendations.


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