ABoR Staff

Executive Team

Emily Chenevert
Chief Executive Officer

Stan Martin
Chief Operating Officer

Kelea Youngblood
Chief Marketing Officer

Monica Williams
Chief Financial Officer

Executive Department

Vicki Harris
Executive Administrator and Policy Officer
512-533-4901 | Email

Anitra Hendricks
Senior Administrative Assistant

MLS and Member Services Department

James Yanz
Member Services Supervisor

Greg Wisdom
Data Quality Team Lead

Will Burnham
MLS Supervisor

Louis Laconca Jr.
Member Services Team Lead

Lydia Valadez
Data Quality Assurance Representative

Blake McCoy
MLS MarCom Coordinator

Lucas McGill 
MLS Product Analyst

Jo Namayanja
MLS Project Manager

Mona Leal
Member Advocate II

Josiane Morin
Member Advocate II – ABoR North

Jerome Driver
Member Advocate II

Phillip Willis
Member Advocate II

Jess Manning
Member Advocate I

Jouse Santos
Member Advocate I – ABoR South

Christe Poe
Member Advocate I

Shelley Dexter
Administrative Assistant I

Business & Professional Development Department

Danielle Archambault
Director of Business & Professional Development

Kelly Free
Professional Development Coordinator

Mari Garza
Professional Development Coordinator

Lauren Deis
Senior Event Planner

Gina Willemsen
Business Development and Events Coordinator

Jonathan Richards
Trainer and Marketing Representative

Jack Sellers
Trainer and Marketing Representative

Facilities Department

Caterina Cabezas
Facilities Supervisor

Juan Garza
Facilities Assistant

Craig Tonn
Facilities Technician

Marketing & Communications Department

Danielle Hammett
Deputy Director of Communications

Christine Wren
Special Programs Lead

Clarisa Ramirez
Digital & Social Media Lead

Belinda Espinoza
Senior Graphic Designer

John Jung
Video Producer

Diana Martinez
Foundation MarCom Coordinator

Government Affairs Department

Jeni Williams
Deputy Director of Government Affairs

Taylor Smith
Senior Policy Advisor

Eileen Wolf
Government Affairs & PAC Coordinator

Finance & Administration Department

Michael Johnston
Finance Director

Melissa Garringer

Lauren Tarpley
Senior Financial Accountant

Natali Sepulveda
Staff Accountant

IT Department

Andy Rester
IT Supervisor

Anantha Remella
DB Admin & Web Developer

Gordon Johnson
MLS Technical Specialist

Eddie Ojeda
Network Systems Administrator

Human Resources

Shirley Williams
Workforce Development & Diversity Specialist

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