Foundation Scholarship Committee

2020 Roster

Lockie Ealy – Chair
Realty Austin

Manuel Arce – Vice Chair
Realty Austin

Josh Bohls
Commission Express Lone Star

Matthew Cornwall
Team Price Real Estate

Kurt Duffeck
Compass RE Texas, LLC

Camelia Rotaru
One World Residential, LLC

Jennifer Fritz
Realty Austin

Ryan Gamble
Realty Austin

Amy Gandy
Realty Austin

Johana Gervais
Keller Williams Realty

Lisa Harrell
Compass RE Texas, LLC

Susan Horton
John Horton Realty

Kristen Jacobs
Realty Austin

Johanna Kelley
Coldwell Banker United REALTOR

Vanessa Nunez
eXp Realty, LLC

Patricia Perez
UFCU Mortgage Services

Sarabeth Peterson
Realty Austin

Heather Powell
Compass RE Texas, LLC

Lilly Rockwell
Coldwell Banker United REALTOR

Laurie Roselle
Coldwell Banker United REALTOR

Mica Rucker
Response Realty Advisors, LLC

Artimus Salas
Keller Williams Realty

Nina Seely
Keller Williams Realty

Samantha Smith
JP and Associates Realtors

Krista Spring
HD Realty Team

Brooke Steele
Realty Austin

Carol Strickland
Kuper Sotheby’s Itl Realty

Michael Takao
Keller Williams Realty

Shaunna Terry
Stewart Title of Austin, LLC

Mary Vetters
eXp Realty, LLC

Lisa Waltke
Sky Realty

Beverly Williams
Realty Austin

Monica Williams –  Staff Executive
Austin Board of REALTORS®

2020 Scholarship Committee Charter

Committee Type: Steering Committee
The Scholarship Committee will develop and implement the Scholarship Awards program for the Austin Board of REALTORS® Foundation.

Chair: Lockie Ealy
Vice Chair: Manuel Arce

Mission Statement:
To benefit REALTORS® and the community through educational and philanthropic endeavors, such as providing scholarships to Austin area students.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. To recognize outstanding graduating high school seniors with college scholarships and publicize REALTOR® support of area college bound seniors.
  2. Identify and reward area students with significant college scholarships, the number of scholarships to be determined yearly by the Austin Board of REALTORS® Foundation Board of Directors.
  3. Create a fair method of screening applicants.
  4. Inform the Austin community of the program.
  5. The Scholarship Committee will be the coordinators in the production of the awards reception with assistance from Staff. Staff will provide assistance with catering and other needed companies to be used in executing the awards reception.


  1. The committee may not award scholarships outside of the agreed upon guidelines.
  2. All eligible candidates must reside in those counties included in the ACTRIS MLS area, is a graduating high school, home or private schooled senior attending a Texas college, university or technical or trade school in the fall of the awarded year.
  3. REALTORS® may not award Named Scholarships to immediate family members.
  4. The committee must remain within the budgeted amount of scholarships.
  5. The Staff Executive will have responsibility for the overall production of the program.
  6. The committee shall comply with the applicable federal, state, and local laws regarding the activities of a 501(C)(3) designation and the distribution of scholarships.
  7. The committee may not violate the policies or values of the organization.

Board Committee Principles:
Board committees, when used, will be assigned so as to minimally interfere with the wholeness of the board’s job and so as never to interfere with delegation from board to staff.

  1. Board committees are to help the board do its job, not to help the staff do its jobs. Committees ordinarily will assist the board by preparing policy alternatives and implications for board deliberation. Board committees are not to be created by the board to advise staff.
  2. Board committees may not speak or act for the board except when formally given such authority for specific and time limited purposes. Expectations and authority will be carefully stated in order not to conflict with authority delegated to the chief executive.
  3. Board committees cannot exercise authority over staff.
  4. Board committees are to avoid over-identification with organizational parts rather than the whole. Therefore, a board committee which has helped the board create policy on some topic will not be used to monitor organizational performance on that same subject.

Committee Guidelines:

  1. The committee must follow the policies and values of the organization.
  2. Committee members must be current members or Affiliates of the Austin Board of REALTORS®.
  3. The committee cannot conduct business without a quorum of committee members present (majority).
  4. A volunteer committee member is automatically removed after 3 absences from regularly scheduled meetings. This provision may be waived by super majority ¾ vote of the entire committee.
  5. Members are required to attend all meetings, to arrive on time and stay for the duration of meetings. If a situation requires their departure, the member will be recorded as absent if not in attendance for at least ¾ of the meeting.
  6. All members are subject to censure or removal by the ABoR Foundation Chair, or at the direction of the ABoR Foundation Board of Directors, under the Volunteer Commitment Agreement.
  7. The committee may consult with the ABoR Foundation Chair, as needed.
  8. The committee may consult with ABoR legal counsel through their Staff Executive or the Foundation Board President as needed.
  9. One of the duties of a Committee member arising from their fiduciary duty to the association is the duty of loyalty.  One aspect of this duty expects Committee members to keep confidential issues confidential.  Committee members will have access to information, that if revealed to outsiders, could be damaging or sensitive to other members or staff, harmful to the best interests of the organization, or even create legal liability.  Information provided to the committee may concern personnel, financial, contractual, membership or legal matters.  It will often be confidential and is intended for use in decision making and governance.  Committee members agree that such information shall be held in the strictest of confidence and shall not be divulged to any outside party, including other members, without authorization of the board President.  This confidentiality agreement survives the member’s service on the committee.
  10. Electronic Votes
  • For electronic considerations, the Board of Directors require a valid process be followed for electronic votes.
  • All communication/votes in reference to an electronic vote shall be cc’d to all Committee Members
  • Each Committee Member shall cast their vote by 5:00 pm the day after distribution of the electronic consideration
  • No response shall be counted as an “abstention”
  • The day following the completion of an electronic vote, staff or Committee Chair shall report the roll call vote to all Committee Members
  • All Committee Members shall confirm their vote by end of day when the roll call vote is offered
  • If a Committee Member does not confirm his/her vote, the Committee Members vote shall be considered correct.
  • No Committee or Association Action shall be taken until the entire vote is confirmed.

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