TAR Director

Eligibility (as defined in the ABoR Policy Governance)

  1. Eligible to serve as TAR Director are those persons who have been a primary REALTOR® member of the Austin Board of REALTORS® for at least three consecutive years immediately prior to election and who have certified in writing a desire to serve as Director of the Texas Association of REALTORS®
  2. Candidates for TAR Director must have served on either the Austin Board of REALTORS® Board of Directors or the MLS Advisory Committee, have served on a TAR Committee, or as TREPAC Trustee.

About Your Responsibilities

What are the governing responsibilities and authority of the Board of Directors?
The Texas Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors is responsible for governing the Association (Article V, Section 7(d) of the TAR Bylaws). Among other things, the Board of Directors has the authority to:

  • Amend the TAR bylaws
  • Elect officers and regional representatives
  • Approve expenditures from general reserves that exceed 10 percent of the annual budget
  • Approve the strategic plan
  • Approve an increase in membership dues
  • Define regional boundaries
  • Elect Nominating Committee members and alternates in the respective regional caucus meetings held during the annual convention

What are my responsibilities as a Director?

  • Know the issues that are important to REALTORS® in your area and bring matters of concern to the attention of the Association.
  • Know the issues that are important to the Association and report matters of concern or actions taken by the Association back to your local association.
  • Understand how the Association works by reading the TAR bylaws, the strategic plan, policies and procedures, etc.
  • Participate in the meetings! The Association depends on your experience, knowledge, and judgment.

Whom do I represent? 
As a member of the Board of Directors, you represent approximately 60,000 TAR members. This may be challenging because there may be a number of different views on various issues. If you place the general welfare and best interest of the Association, as a whole, first, you will make the right decision.

What is my liability as a Director of TAR? 

A well-informed Board of Directors seldom makes mistakes. However, in the unlikely event that any litigation should result from actions taken by the Board of Directors, the Association provides coverage to directors through its liability insurance.

How will I ever keep up with all of the business of the Association? 
The answer is through the Association's staff. You can count on the staff to keep you informed through the Association's many communication vehicles such as:

  • Staff communication by mail or email
  • Texas REALTOR® magazine
  • Texas REALTOR® focus e-mail newsletter
  • The Association's website, Texas Association of Realtors

About the Meetings

How often does the Board of Directors meet?
As a director you are expected to attend and participate in two regular meetings each year.

  • The Winter Meeting, which is typically held in February.
  • The annual convention and trade expo, which is typically held in September.

Special meetings are rare, but if necessary you will receive at least 10 days notice.

Must I attend all of the Board of Directors meetings? 
Your presence is required at every meeting for the duration of the meeting. Attendance is taken and your local association may monitor your attendance. If you do not wish to attend or cannot attend all or most of the meetings, you should discuss your ability to serve with your local association.

When will I receive information regarding registration and hotel arrangements for the two regular meetings? 
A schedule and registration form for the next meeting, with all of the hotel and event information, will be accessible on Texas Association of Realtors approximately 60 days prior to each meeting. It will also be published in the Texas REALTOR® magazine.
Schedule your arrival and departure dates so you may attend the Board of Directors meeting as well as committee meetings and events of interest to you.

As a Director, am I guaranteed a room in the headquarters hotel? 
No. The Texas Association of REALTORS® reserves rooms in the hotel based on prior-year records; therefore, room reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

When and where do I pick up my Director materials? 
On the morning of the Director meetings, you may pick up your meeting materials packet when you check in at the Board of Directors registration desk. You will receive a Director's ribbon that identifies you as a TAR Director. Preliminary agendas, previous Board of Directors meeting minutes, and other related information will be mailed to you approximately 15 days before the meeting.

How should I prepare for the Board of Directors meetings? 
As a director, you are obligated to understand the business of the Texas Association of REALTORS®. Read the following:

  • Boards of Directors Agenda
  • TAR bylaws
  • Minutes from the previous Board of Directors meeting
  • Reports of the committees

Participation in committee meetings is important. Many committee meetings are open meetings at which any TAR member is welcome and directors are encouraged to attend. Share ideas regarding current issues with other members, ask questions, and obtain input. Be recognized for the leader you are!

Where do I check in before the start of the Board of Directors meeting? 
All TAR Directors need to check in at the Board of Directors registration desk, typically near the entrance to the meeting room. In order to record your attendance, be sure to check in at the time of the meeting.

How is seating designated at the Board of Directors meeting? 
There is reserved seating for the Directors. Only Directors may sit in the reserved area, which will be clearly marked with signs.
Seating for visitors is available in a designated area.

What are my responsibilities while the Board of Directors meeting is in session?

  • Pay attention to the proceedings.
    (Please conduct private discussions with other Directors outside of the meeting room so as not to disrupt the business at hand.)
  • Share with the Board of Directors your views on the issues discussed.

About Parliamentary Procedures

What is the parliamentary procedure of the Texas Association of REALTORS®? 
The latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised is the authority governing all Texas Association of REALTORS® meetings. A parliamentarian will be on hand at the Board of Directors meeting, but you should be familiar with parliamentary procedure to help expedite the business of the meeting.

How do I receive recognition to address an issue or present a question/motion during the Board of Directors meeting? 
If you wish to address an issue or make a motion from the floor, stand behind one of the microphones located in the aisles until the chair calls on you. Before addressing an issue or reading a motion, state your name and local Board/Association.
A written copy of any motion made from the floor should be presented to the recording secretary at the head table so that the motion may be incorporated into the Board of Directors minutes.

Are the Board of Directors meetings easy to follow? 
Yes. Please ask the person making the report to explain anything you do not understand. (See Robert's Rules of Order if you need to raise a point of information or have a question when another person has the floor.)

About Committees

Do I have the responsibility to serve on TAR committees? 
You are strongly encouraged to serve on at least one committee. Most work in the Association starts at the committee level.

If I am a Director, why is it so important that I serve on a committee? 
Through committee service, you share expertise and gain knowledge, which helps the Executive Board and the Board of Directors to make the right decisions. It also provides leadership opportunities, which will help you acquire future roles within the Association.

The Texas Association of REALTORS® publishes a committee request form, available at TexasRealtors.com after August 1 each year. Members may indicate their choices for committee assignments on the form and submit the request form to TAR by the published deadline. TAR will inform you of your committee assignments.

To provide an opportunity for as many members as possible to serve on committees it is the general policy that a member is not appointed to more than two committees at the same time. Most TAR committee meetings are open to visitors. You are welcome to attend the open meetings that interest you.

Thank you for giving your time and talents to serve our Association!




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