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Job Description of Regional Vice Presidents

Eligibility (as defined in the ABoR Policy Governance)

  • Eligible to serve as TAR Regional Vice Presidents are those persons who have been a primary REALTOR® member of the Austin Board of REALTORS® for at least three consecutive years immediately prior to election and who have certified in writing a desire to serve as Director of the Texas Association of REALTORS®
  • Candidates for TAR Regional Vice Presidents must have served on either the Austin Board of REALTORS® board of directors, or the MLS Advisory Committee, or as a TREPAC Trustee.

TAR Additional Criteria: The RVP candidate should be a member in good standing with their Primary Association and must have served on a TAR committee, task force or on the TAR Board of Directors within the past 3 years.

Job Description
The individuals serving as Regional Vice Presidents for the Texas Association of REALTORS (TAR) are the major link between TAR and the local associations and/or membership. The local associations serve as the major conduit for information to the membership. The success or failure of TAR rests squarely on the shoulders of these volunteers who give their time and energy to serve as Regional Vice Presidents.

Each Regional Vice President will have varying sizes of associations. Some Vice Presidents will have responsibility for as many as 11 or 12 associations. In the case of the Single Association Regions, there may be more than one Regional Vice President with the responsibility of communicating information to the local association or membership. In either event, telephone communication and personal visits are extremely important in your quest to create trust and rapport with the local leadership and membership. Local associations and membership should be kept current on TAR issues, activities and opportunities for service. Even more importantly, TAR needs to be an effective listener to the needs, wants and concerns of the membership at the local level. Always end your communication with a local association or membership by asking, “What can TAR do for you and/or your association?”

A final step in making this communication successful is follow up. As a volunteer, your time is extremely limited. TAR does not want your position to become a burden. TAR staff is available to assist you when issues arise that require additional information. The Regional Vice President cannot be expected to be the expert on all TAR issues. Take advantage of the staff resources.

Regular reports (monthly, quarterly, or as needed) should be forwarded to the Director of Board Services. This will allow TAR to keep their finger on the pulse of the associations.

As TAR’s representative to the local membership, your availability to both TAR and the membership are critical. TAR will make an honest effort to use your time wisely and wishes to take this opportunity to thank you for your willingness to serve. Travel expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the TAR Travel Policy (Attached).

Criteria: The RVP candidate should be a member in good standing with their Primary Association and must have served on a TAR committee, task force or on the TAR Board of Directors within the past 3 years

Following is a summary of the more important responsibilities of the Regional Vice Presidents of the Texas Association of REALTORS:

  1. Represent TAR as the primary liaison to the local associations and membership
  2. Attend TAR Regional Vice President Spokesperson Training
  3. Attend and participate in all meetings of the TAR Executive Board, Regional Vice Presidents Committee and Board of Directors Meeting. If an RVP fails to attend 2 out of the 5 regularly scheduled TAR meetings with or without excuse within a 12 month period beginning with the Fall meeting, the RVP shall be automatically removed
  4. Facilitate the Regional Caucus meetings at the TAR Winter and Convention Meetings
  5. Be available to the local associations and membership through phone calls and personal visits
  6. Offer yourself as a resource for informative programs or to serve as installing officer at local association functions
  7. Identify problems or concerns from local associations and/or membership in your region and communicate them to TAR officers and appropriate staff.
  8. Assist in promoting TAR policies and programs within your region
  9. Assist in membership involvement at the TAR level
  10. Identify and cultivate future leaders in the Region
  11. Assist in planning TAR Regional meetings and participate with other TAR Officers in these meetings
  12. Work closely with TREPAC Trustees from the Region to raise funds for the PAC
  13. Be circumspect in political activities so that no individual’s endorsement would be construed as an unauthorized endorsement of TAR
  14. Work with TAR staff in the event of local association delinquent dues or failure of enforcement of the NAR dues formula
  15. Perform other duties as requested by the TAR Chairman of the Board, the Executive Board or Board of Directors
  16. RVP may not serve on the TAR Nominating Committee

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