Accurate data, curated products, powerful tools—only with ACTRIS.

Simplify the way you work with access to the market’s most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date listing data in Central Texas. Covering an 18-county service area, your Multiple Listing Service (MLS) subscription provides unparalleled benefits that speak to every aspect of your real estate business.


Be the best-in-class service provider through expansion and innovation.


ACTRIS is the authoritative source for all Central Texas real estate information. We empower our subscribers and their clients by connecting them to the market’s most complete, accurate, and up-to-date listing information. We elevate industry success by setting the foundation for an orderly marketplace where competitors cooperate to facilitate the purchase, lease, and sale of real property.

  • Accurate Data Delivery
  • Timely Data
  • Comprehensive Data Access
  • Orderly Marketplace
  • Accurate
  • Complete
  • Timely
  • Reliable

What We Stand For

Peer-Driven Accountability & Compliance

AT ACTRIS, we're leading a compliance culture that's based on education, collaboration, and peer-driven accountability. It takes all of us, working together, to create the compliant MLS marketplace we all know is possible. You must take a proactive role in maintaining the data you rely on, and we must do our part to ensure everybody plays by the rules. When we work together to ensure MLS data is accurate, complete, and timely, we have a reliable marketplace that you and your clients can count on.

Unparalleled Market Data

ABoR and ACTRIS believe in adopting and implementing data standardization processes that demonstrate value for all of our members. Always, our objective is to drive innovation and achieve efficiency by aligning the goals of our organization with those of leaders industrywide.

ACTRIS uses accurate, timely, and complete data to deliver a reliable marketplace. What that truly means is that our MLS subscribers have access to unparalleled market data—they know the multiple listing service is where they look to find what’s on the market in Central Texas. Becoming an MLS subscriber means that you hold yourself and your data to a higher standard—because that’s what you and your clients deserve.

Best-in-Class Products & Tools

From mobile apps to marketing solutions, your MLS subscription delivers innovative tools and technology, connects you to thousands of properties and professionals, and creates a healthy, efficient marketplace. Subscribe to tools like Supra eKEY® and lockbox services for convenient, authorized, and documented access to listings.