Get Involved

Get involved in the political process by investing in TREPAC or joining a committee or policy team. Through direct involvement, REALTORS® become a recognized entity in local politics and a true grassroots force.

Join A Committee

ABoR’s Policy Teams and TREPAC Committee are always recruiting dedicated volunteers who have a passion for politics, public affairs, and fundraising and want to help protect REALTOR® interests. Committee and policy team meetings are open to all members. Contact to join a committee or policy team today.


Annual TREPAC Fundraisers

Invest in TREPAC by participating in one of our many annual fundraising events. These are great opportunities to have fun, network and contribute to a worthy cause. Each ticket you purchase is credited to your annual TREPAC investment. Learn more about TREPAC and upcoming fundraising opportunities. Contact ABoR’s PAC Coordinator at 512-454-7636, ext. 1503 or to find out more about the next TREPAC fundraising event and how you can support the REALTOR® Party.


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