Local Issues

Housing and Development Issues


Neighborhood stability and home affordability are essential to preserving Austin’s unique character. ABoR is committed to protecting the fabric of Austin communities as well as the rights of individual homeowners. We engage REALTORS® in a conversation about what policies can create an abundance of housing options for people who work, live, and play in our region that is both affordable and accessible to essential services. 

Water and Sustainability Policy Teams


ABoR maintains that quality of life is one of the main drivers of development and economic stability in Central Texas. Water is essential to preserving that quality of life. A safe, reliable water supply that will support residents and businesses alike is essential to protecting the quality of life and healthy business environment we enjoy in Central Texas.

ABoR commits to protecting Austin’s unique environment and to educating our members on the importance of sustainable business and living practices. The true “cost” of a home is defined by a holistic look at all of the expenses associated with the maintenance and day to day life of each property. From the rising price of water, electricity, gas, and transportation, it is evident that every homeowner is feeling the pull of increased costs. The return on investment is huge when consumers are adequately educated and understand the bottom-line benefit of conservation measures they can implement in their own homes and lives. ABoR supports energy conservation efforts and programs that will transform the Austin market by embracing the value of conservation and sustainability.

The Water and Sustainability Issues Policy Teams monitors and engages in public policy development to ensure the Austin region has an adequate, affordable, and clean water and energy supply that will be sufficient for the continued growth, economic health, and overall sustainability of the community.

Transportation Policy Teams


As the population in Central Texas soars, the Austin area faces serious transportation challenges. Infrastructure improvements and investments are necessary if Austin is to remain a desirable place to live and do business. ABoR supports a regional approach to improving, sustaining, and building the Central Texas transportation infrastructure in order to relieve traffic congestion now and meet the future needs of a rapidly growing population.

The Transportation Subcommittee monitors city and regional transportation plans and projects and engages in transportation policy issues to ensure Central Texas residents have a variety of reliable and efficient modes of transportation.



ABoR commits to protecting Austin’s unique environment and to educating its members on energy conservation and sustainability. Studies show consumers consider energy efficiency an important factor when buying a home, and is important when determining a consumer’s ability to buy a home. Because rising energy costs are an integral part of homeownership, ABoR supports energy conservation efforts and programs that will transform the Austin culture to embrace conservation and sustainability.


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