The Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee (TREPAC) works to protect the livelihood and future earnings potential of Central Texas REALTORS®.

Political action committees, or PACs, are an important part of our country’s political process. TREPAC determines which legislators are champions for REALTORS® and then supports their campaigns. Since we make these decisions based on their support of the real estate industry, it’s a totally nonpartisan effort. (You may choose to support other elected leaders personally through your vote and financial donations, and that is perfectly fine!)

Property Tax Reform

A new law known as The Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019 made several changes to the property tax system to increase transparency, allow for greater citizen input into the rate setting process, and save property owners money. TREPAC and Texas REALTORS® (your state association) supported this key legislation and continues to educate members of the public on the Texas Property Tax system.

Fighting for Landlords

Real estate was one of the first industries to be deemed as an "essential service" in Central Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic. This declaration was thanks to the relationships TREPA has helped ABoR build with city leadership in Austin. Our advocacy work didn't stop there, and we continued to fight for our members and their clients as the pandemic continued.

During the pandemic, ABoR has consistently called for protections and relief for landlords. Thanks to ABoR's TREPAC-powered advocacy, City Council asked staff to create a relief program for residential and commercial landlords whose tenants owe back rent and are not communicating with their landlords. ABoR continues to fight for property owners across Austin so that they won't have to bear the lion's share of the burden felt by the economic downturn as a result of COVID-19.

Back TREPAC and help us promote and protect homeownership, private property rights, and your industry in Texas!

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Disclaimer: Federal law prohibits soliciting from individuals who are not REALTORS® or ABoR members. Information disseminated in the public domain about TREPAC might be considered a solicitation, therefore investments received from non-REALTOR®/ABoR members through this online campaign will be returned.


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