The Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee (TREPAC) works to protect the livelihood and future earnings potential of Central Texas REALTORS®.

Political action committees, or PACs, are an important part of our country’s political process. TREPAC determines which legislators are champions for REALTORS® and then supports their campaigns. Since we make these decisions based on their support of the real estate industry, it’s a totally nonpartisan effort. (You may choose to support other elected leaders personally through your vote and financial donations, and that is perfectly fine!)

TREPAC has made a major difference for Austin-area REALTORS® and homeowners. A few recent TREPAC wins include:

  • Local homestead exemption
  • Flood insurance
  • Mortgage Interest Deduction
  • AISD school bonds

Even with all of TREPAC’s success, there are some challenges ahead at the local, state and federal level. Current challenges facing Central Texas REALTORS®:

  • Affordability
  • Traffic congestion
  • Texas’ broken school finance system
  • Local property taxes

TREPAC’s membership is built of REALTORS®, and other interested parties, who share a common goal of protecting and preserving Central Texas as a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Benefits of membership include:

  • Access to VIP Lounges at TAR and NAR Trade Shows
  • Access to TREPAC investor events at ABoR, TAR, and NAR
  • For contributions more than $1,000, members receive exclusive benefits from NAR. To view these benefits, click here.

Back TREPAC and help us promote and protect homeownership, private property rights, and your industry in Texas!

Invest in TREPAC today!

Disclaimer: Federal law prohibits soliciting from individuals who are not REALTORS® or ABoR members. Information disseminated in the public domain about TREPAC might be considered a solicitation, therefore investments received from non-REALTOR®/ABoR members through this online campaign will be returned.


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