TREPAC: Landmark Issues & Legislative Accomplishments

How TREPAC has helped you

The Texas Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee (TREPAC) supports policies and politicians that support private-property rights and the real estate industry.

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2013 Infrastructure
Played a key role in addressing the state’s long-term water and public education needs.
2011 TREC
Helped the Texas Real Estate Commission attain a self-directed, semi-independent status, enabling TREC to better serve licensees and consumers.
2011 Transfer Fees
Passed a measure to eliminate most private transfer fees on real estate transactions.
2011 Eminent Domain
Enacted strong consumer protections in eminent-domain proceedings.
2009 Real Estate Transfer Tax
Defeated multiple proposals to tax real estate, including several bills requiring the creation of a tax on every deed recorded by the county clerk.
2006 Property Tax Reduction
The largest in Texas history; reduces property taxes in excess of $15.7 billion by the year 2010.
2005 Tax on Personal Autos
Prevented a property tax on personal vehicles also used in your business.
2005 Minimum Services
Codified regulations for a minimum level of service a real estate broker must provide to a consumer.
2003 Transfer Tax
Defeated a proposed 1% real estate transfer tax on the sale or lease of all real property.
2001 Sales Tax
Killed a proposal to levy an 8% sales tax on the sale of all real property – commercial, residential, farm and ranch, industrial, and raw land.
1999 Licensing of Mortgage Brokers
Established a much-needed consumer-protection statute requiring mandatory licensing of mortgage brokers.
1997 Homeowners Equity
Authored a constitutional amendment protecting a homeowner’s equity by requiring an 80% loan-to-value ratio on refinances, preventing borrowers from becoming upside down on their home loans.
1993 Lock Law Enhancements
Superseded common-law requirements for residential tenant security by specifying what types of security devices a landlord must provide to a tenant thereby decreasing liability on landlords and brokers.
1993 Seller Disclosure
Required a seller of residential property to use a promulgated property condition disclosure form, thereby decreasing liability in the seller and real estate licensees.

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