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Our 2018 Affiliate Club Members are some of the best in the industry, so we're excited to put the spotlight on them in our Affiliate Club Member Spotlight Series! This month, get to know Home Warranty of America.


Home Warranty of America
Gold Affiliate Club Member

Q: How do you think Home Warranty of America (HWA) compares to other home warranty providers?

A: Most home warranties are only good for one year. HWA offers 13 months of full home protection.

Q: Can you describe the benefit of securing a home warranty for a seasoned homeowner?

A: A home warranty is a contract, separate from homeowner’s insurance, that covers repairs and replacements on a home’s systems and appliances; usually for a period of one year. The types of properties typically covered under a home warranty include single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, mobile homes, multi-units, and new construction. With HWA, there are no restrictions on the age of your home or its systems and appliances. Plus, a home warranty can be renewed every year and coverage on specific items can be changed or added to fully customize coverage based on your needs.

Q: What services does Home Warranty of America provide for REALTORS®?

A: When agents partner with Home Warranty of America (HWA), they can count on superior home protection plans for their clients. Our 13-month home warranty plans could help you sell homes faster and closer to the asking price. HWA provides a competitive edge over homes sold without a home warranty while adding extra value for clients, and making your listings more desirable to prospective buyers. We work hard to provide our clients with the most reliable service technicians, free seller’s coverage, as well as the best overall coverage.

Q: What advice could you impart on an agent trying to sell a home in desperate need of repairs?

A: My recommendation would be to make sure that all covered items are in proper working order at the time the policy goes into effect. If any repairs are done, keep a work and receipt log showing the project was paid for and completed by a licensed professional. Home warranties are designed to protect your home from covered items that fail due to normal wear and tear during their covered policy period; home warranties do not cover pre-existing conditions. With HWA, however, we cover unknown pre-existing conditions (subject to individual contract terms & conditions).

Q: What value does Home Warranty of America get from being an Affiliate Club Member with ABoR?

A: The amount of brand exposure and invitations to events that are bundled into the cost of the Affiliate Club membership comes with great savings. We receive a lot of exposure through ABoR, as well as opportunities to be included in numerous events.


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