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With summer selling season in full swing, there's no one better to spotlight than one of the most popular communities in Central Texas, Bryson, and a top-tier moving company, The Moving Crew!

Learn more about both ABoR Affiliate Club Members in this month's Affiliate Spotlight.


Gold Affiliate Club Member


Kandis Rushing, Bryson

ABoR: How is Bryson different from other communities?

Bryson: From the open front porches to the exceptional exterior designs and a nod to historical architecture, the homes of Bryson are reminiscent of simpler times while providing all of the comforts and conveniences of the modern era. These unique home designs not only pay homage to the historic farmhouses of Leander, but they also give Bryson a distinct community character unlike any other in the area. These designs provide families with functional outdoor living spaces to mingle with neighbors and they blend seamlessly with the land, beckoning homeowners to enjoy the great outdoors.

ABoR: How does Bryson incorporate consumer experience in its community?

Bryson: In addition to an unparalleled location in Leander, Bryson’s impressive outdoor amenities keep children and families happy and healthy. The Backyard is not just our amenity center, it’s the cornerstone of the community, featuring a pool and splash pad, covered pavilions for neighborhood gatherings and events, a large fishing pond, and open green spaces for play. Tower Park is another unique area where residents can gather for community concerts or meet up with friends for a morning jog. From live music and outdoor movie nights to cooking lessons and yoga on the lawn, each event is thoughtfully planned to bring families together in an inviting and exciting space.

ABoR: Bryson has a REALTOR® Advisory Board. How did that come about and what value have you gained from strategically aligning with REALTORS®?

Bryson: Bryson wouldn’t be the successful master-planned community that it is without the support of our REALTOR® community, which is why the Bryson REALTOR® Advisory Board (RAB) was created. The RAB focuses on generating new ideas for the community and is made up of well-connected real estate professionals who are experts in the community. With the help and guidance of our board, Bryson continues to foster and educate new homebuyers in the Austin area. It is also very important to the Bryson Management Team that we give back to our loyal following of REALTORS® with special promotions, complimentary state-of-the-union luncheons, and end of year appreciation parties.

ABoR: What impact has the community have on the area?

Bryson: Encompassing 530 acres, Bryson is carrying forth the legacy of its namesake, a family who played a significant role in shaping the community of Leander. Arriving in 1872, the Bryson family farm passed down from generation to generation, leaving a lasting impact on the land. One Bryson family member, Pat Bryson, served as mayor of Leander for a decade, addressing community needs like the availability of water for residents.

The Moving Crew
Silver Affiliate Club Member


Lizzy Samples, The Moving Crew

ABoR: Tell us a little about The Moving Crew and what sets you apart from a typical moving company.

The Moving Crew: The Moving Crew is a family owned & operated moving company that employs full-time employees. The Moving Crew is not a franchise, we are 100% homegrown and local. Kacy and Lizzy Samples, a husband and wife team, started the company 4 years ago with the intention of providing our customers with a stress-free experience and going above and beyond on all relocation needs. We consider ourselves experts in helping customers manage stress while relocating.

ABoR: What are your top three tips for Austinites who plan to make a move this summer?

The Moving CrewTip #1: Early Bird Catches the Worm: When planning your move, book early! The summer is the most popular time to move which means The Moving Crew will book up fast. We suggest that you schedule one month in advance, even if it is a tentative booking.

Tip #2: Make Your Project, Yours: Our customers are able to create a one of a kind experience with The Moving Crew, by picking and choosing from our services.

Tip #3: Box It Up: If it fits in a box, put it in a standard size box and fill every box to the top. If not, our movers will spend more time trying to find the perfect spot on the truck to place the odd-shaped box, versus being able to stack and go. Time is money and we do not want to waste your time.

ABoR: How can The Moving Crew help REALTORS® with their businesses?

The Moving Crew: The Moving Crew provides REALTORS® with relocation services such as: one item move, any heavy lifting and re-arranging for staging furniture, professional loading and stacking storages with moving blankets, moving furniture to the desired destination, and packing/unpacking their client's dishware & china into dish packs. The Moving Crew is the most resourceful tool a REALTOR® can use in their tool belt. We are the power that gets the project done. All clients referred our way will also receive a REALTOR® referral discount, which is an added bonus to your clients.




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