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Our Affiliate Club members are some of the best in the industry, so we're excited to put the spotlight on them for our Affiliate Club Member Spotlight Series on the blog! This month, get to know Austin Title, Austin's leading title insurance and escrow provider for both residential and commercial transactions.

Austin Title
Silver Affiliate Club Member


Josh Williams, Austin Title

Q: Tell us a little about Austin Title and what sets you apart from a typical title company?
A: Our staff is really what sets us apart. We've been doing business in Austin since 1953 and our average tenure is over ten years. To me, that says depth and experience.

Q: What should a consumer look for when choosing a title company?
A: There's a lot of bewilderment surrounding the title business. Most consumers aren't exactly sure what we do or what protection we provide. When choosing a title company, you can compare it to buying any other type of insurance policy — you want someone with experience who can explain the process and the policy and assure that they can and will pay claims. We have a long standing track record of both. All that said, the consumer can always refer to their REALTOR® for advice on which title companies to consider.

Q: What is the biggest mistake you see homebuyers make when it comes to title insurance?
A: In today's world, I would say wiring funds without calling first to verify wiring instructions. Fraud is rampant right now. Consumers should assume that fraudsters are watching every email when transacting, so do not send wires without calling to verify wiring instructions first.

Q: What resources does Austin Title offer to help Austin REALTOR® work faster and smarter?
A: We have tons of resources all of which are available on our website. I would say the most popular is Austin Title Agent, which is PITI and net sheet calculator app. REALTORS® can call any of our development representatives to receive the app.

Q: Are there any big changes (interest rate increases, exchange updates, etc.) that REALTORS® and consumers need to know about?
A: Currently, the biggest changes are how we're doing business differently to protect the consumer from fraud. I won't publicize that info for the fraudsters, but you can call one of our escrow officers for more information. I would also mention E-Closings, which are on the horizon.



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