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Remining Your Future

As of October 29, ACTRIS subscribers have access to a new subscriber benefit called Remine Pro. A robust farming tool that merges MLS and off-market data to provide a comprehensive view of a property, Remine Pro's powerful platform and slick, modern interface is sure to be a game-changer for your business. Don't take our word for it though, go to page 7 to see what our Senior MLS Brand Strategist, William Burnham, has to say.

Then and Now: An Oral History of the Seventies

We are fast approaching 2020, but ABoR is taking it wayyy back to 1974 to honor those members who influenced the Association over the past 45 years. Although much has changed in that time, including an influx of more than 10,000 ABoR members, we're still committed to being the engine of your success. Flip to page 15 to hear from those members who helped guide us into the 21st century and shape the Association we know today.

Four Ways to Up Your Game Right Now

"When you get your license, real estate school doesn't teach how to find and convert clients," says REALTOR and trainer, Julie Nelson, who has long recognized this gap throughout her career. Nelson has since taken what she's learned and applied it to instructing industry newcomers on how they can actively fill the void and build a sales lead funnel. See page 24 to brush up on Nelson's four ways to up your game right now.

How Representative is Our Representative Government?

As ABoR looks back at the last 45 years and our recent attempts to bolster diversity within our industry, we must also consider representation in our local governing bodies, as well. Although the City of Austin has a history of reluctantly adopting policies that would ultimately support and protect all marginalized classes, much has changed for the better. Head to page 29 for a breakdown of that demography.


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