Where We Stand: 2016 ABoR Public Policy Agenda


Inside this year’s Public Policy Agenda, you’ll read ABoR’s position on issues that resonate highly with you, your industry, and the community we serve. Our policy positions are crafted with a focus on preserving a high quality of life in Central Texas, providing housing for all in our community, and addressing the implications of our rapid growth. These were shaped by ABoR members and  shared with government officials in Central Texas to ensure the REALTOR® voice is heard when it comes to new policies and initiatives that might impact you, your business, and your clients. We hope you can use this agenda as a resource to address what matters most to Central Texas REALTORS®.

Below you will a find an overview of nine key topics. Download the full public policy agenda.


Studies show consumers consider energy efficiency as an important factor when purchasing a home. Reliable and adequate energy can come with exorbitant costs. Because of rising energy costs in homeownership, ABoR supports energy conservation efforts as well as more standardized disclosure of energy efficiency in residential homes.

Efficient and Effective Governance

ABoR strives to be a strong force for positive change in improving not only what policies are adopted, but also how they are decided upon.downloadagenda

At ABoR, we support a data-driven analysis of policy decisions, including the ramifications of those decisions on affected parties. ABoR commits to policymaking that is open, transparent, and accessible to the community at large.


Strong schools build strong communities and we work closely with Central Texas school districts to educate ABoR members about local schools and their programs. ABoR advocates awareness of the challenges facing Central Texas schools, such as school finance, enrollment concerns, and housing.

Smart Growth Policies

ABoR embraces Smart Growth planning principles, which call for development that provides a range of accessible transportation choices, takes advantage of compact building designs, leverages mixed-use opportunities, and offers a wide variety of housing opportunities. We favor efforts by local governments and school districts that improve affordability and promote economic growth and a high quality of life for residents and visitors in the Central Texas region.

Private Property Rights

ABoR supports proactive and effective code enforcement strategies which properly target repeat offenders without impacting property owners who are in compliance. ABoR also supports incentive-based programs designed to achieve desired public outcomes in lieu of mandates.

ABoR opposes any mandatory, blanket rental registration program. Such programs impose costs and burdens on property owners that could affect marketability and affordability.

Land Development Code

The rewrite of Austin’s land development code, also known as CodeNEXT, offers a chance to better align the Austin’s Land Development Code with adopted community values and planning best practices. Austin must meet the challenge of housing our rapidly growing population by embracing creative ways to increase the supply of housing.

ABoR urges the City of Austin to continue the work it has started in reforming its development permitting process, which includes application intake, processing, and inspections, to the extent possible now, and also parallel with the CodeNEXT process.


With the Austin metro area ranking among the top in the country in percent of population growth, current drinking water supply may not be adequate to meet the needs of our expanding community. ABoR commits to conserving and protecting the quality of our diminishing local water supply and locating alternative sources of water.

With that, ABoR will monitor state and local government commissions, councils, boards, and volunteer organizations that are working to resolve the issues facing our region and be prepared to add our collective voice to the support of their individual or combined efforts. ABoR will also encourage Central Texas REALTORS® to stay educated and engage in discussions about water conservation and floodwater management.


With rapid population growth, the Central Texas area faces serious mobility challenges. ABoR supports a regional approach to improving, sustaining, and expanding mobility in order to relieve traffic congestion now and meet the future needs of a rapidly growing population. With that, ABoR advocates a data-driven cost-benefit evaluation of any and all proposed mobility projects, considering the community benefits of each proposed project in light of the costs of building and operating the project.


An imbalance between supply and demand generally leads to higher prices for homes that spend less time on the market. As a community we need to ensure that the homes we create for people are both affordable and accessible to essential services. ABoR supports solutions that accommodate population growth and help current residents stay in the area they love. Increasing the supply and variety of housing is the only way to ensure a well-balanced market that fits the diverse needs of Austin’s communities.

Read the full 2016 Public Policy Agenda to learn more about our position on issues that are important to Central Texas REALTORS®.


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