Pause and Be a Good Neighbor – 2016 ABoR President's Goals

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One of the busiest times of the year for REALTORS® is just after the holiday season, as homebuyers are eager to get out there and invest in new property. We’re reinvigorated and have new found energy for the year ahead. I encourage you to pause during your normal routine, and focus some of that energy on being a good neighbor.

My goals as the 2016 ABoR President are to be a good neighbor to my real estate colleagues and the industry, and help ABoR and its members continue to be a good neighbor in the community.

What does being a good neighbor mean? The phrase stretches far beyond compassion for others. A good neighbor steps outside their professional role to influence and make an impact on the association, industry, and community around them.

Our ABoR members are already participating and getting involved in association and community activities. And it’s extending our hands to our neighbors that makes us stand out from other associations. It’s who we are, and why I’m so proud to be part of (and lead) this association in 2016.

There are many ways to be a good neighbor. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Stay informed.

Our ABoR academy offers nearly 500 courses to help members stay educated, supported, and develop professionally. We’re here to not only make sure you maintain your license, but to take your education to the next level.

 I encourage you to never stop learning. Being well versed in more than one area benefits you and your clients more than you know. This year consider getting certified in a new area of expertise. Our ABoR Academy would love to help make that happen for you. Let us know how we can.

Be a voice for REALTORS®.

At ABoR we work hard to represent REALTORS® and homeowners on issues that affect property rights and the real estate industry. This year, our efforts helped support a new homestead exemption in Austin and new funding for Texas roads. We also had significant fundraising victories that will ensure that ABoR has a solid footing in advocacy for the next few years.

Become involved in ABoR’s advocacy committee TREPAC and be the voice for the real estate community.

Embrace digital tools at your disposal.

We’re constantly looking for innovate tools and services to help members get what they need when they need it. Not only do we offer members a state-of-the-art MLS, but we also partner with vendors to deliver bonus services, most of them are free of charge just for having a MLS subscription.

Take advantage of the tools available with your MLS subscription. These tools help you work more efficiently to get transactions closed faster.

You access the free tools from your ACTRIS dashboard. To see a list of tools, visit our MLS bonus services page.

Give back to the community.

One of the most critical pieces to being a good neighbor to the community is the ability to give back to the place we all call home. Our Foundation offers members the opportunity to donate their time and resources to specific causes related to local housing, education, and disaster relief. This year the Foundation had a financial impact of nearly $150,000 and donated 3,000 in volunteer hours alone.

Many of our members are already being recognized for their volunteerism at ABoR and their local causes. I encourage you to start giving back if you haven’t already.

If you are already involved in the association and outside communities, I highly recommend reviewing your activities and seeing where you can contribute even more value. Perhaps look into a leadership or steering committee role at the organization where you currently donate your time. Get more involved at ABoR. Talk with our Foundation or Advocacy committees to learn more.

We do what we can to be more than just an association and love to hear when our members are being more than just REALTORS®. Join us in 2016 in being a good neighbor and share with us the impact you’re making along the way.

Aaron Farmer

2016 ABoR President



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