7 Ways to Add Property Photos that Wow Clients

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With homebuyers using the Internet more than ever to search for homes, photos play a critical role in marketing and selling property. After all, potential clients see photos first when browsing listings. If your listings have inadequate photos, you run a high risk of those homebuyers hitting the “next” button before learning more about the property.

A potential homebuyer skipping your listing is a huge missed opportunity; however, this dilemma can be avoided entirely by making a few changes. This blog gives you ideas on how to make your photos stand out in the home search process, and even better, get clients to contact you sooner.

How to Win at Adding Property Photos

Here are a few ideas to make your photos wow clients:

  • Avoid blurry photos. Clients may think there is something to hide or that the seller doesn’t take pride in their property.
  • Market a lifestyle, not a house. More sellers and agents are opting more into staging homes. It makes homes more inviting and attractive. Be careful not to go overboard with too much furniture or personal items.
  • Give the home some light. Avoid photos that are too dark. Draw back curtains; turn on lights; open blinds to give the space some natural light and allow for more quality photos.
  • Take advantage of the maximum. Avoid only including one or two photos. Your clients want a tour of the property, so include the maximum amount of photos allowed on the MLS.
  • Always include up-to-date photos. This doesn’t just apply to photos from years ago, but also applies seasonally. If you posted a photo of the front door with a Holiday wreath, make sure you have an updated one after the holidays.
  • Avoid the timestamp. Going hand in hand with the previous point, avoid dating photos. Seeing a displayed timestamp of five years ago begs the question, “Why aren’t there any new photos?”
  • Photograph the critical areas. Each listing should have a photo of the front and back exteriors, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, small areas like laundry rooms, office nooks, and any unique features like a pool, built in bookshelves. Condos can include photos of community areas.

When to Hire a Professional

Professional photography is always recommended. In fact, your brokerage might already have a contract with a photographer. However, if you’re thinking about hiring professional services, but not sure what to look for, here are some quick tips when shopping around.

  • Look for a photographer that has experience specifically with marketing and selling properties.
  • Review photographer portfolios to ensure the technique and style fit yours.
  • Run the small bathroom test. Look for photos of small rooms, as these can be tricky to capture and show their value.
  • Ask around. Ask your network if they have recommendations on photographers.

Ready to Add Photos to the MLS?

Have some photos to post on your property? Check out our easy how-to guide to get you started.


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