City of Austin Recognizes ABoR as a Green Business Leader

ABoR is proud to be recognized as a Platinum 2016 Austin Green Business Leader!

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Since opening our doors to our new headquarters on Spicewood Springs Road over a year ago, ABoR has become a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability, positively contributing to environmental goals by reducing our carbon footprint and improving business operations. Our headquarters last year was honored with the coveted LEED Gold certification from the U.S Green Building Council.

To be recognized as an Austin Green Business Leader, an organization must score well in seven different areas of sustainability. ABoR achieved a score 100 out of 160 on the scorecard, gaining distinction as a platinum green business leader.

What strides has ABoR made to become a green business? The following areas are included in the Austin Green Business Leader scorecard. Here’s what we’re doing for sustainability:

Energy: We are proud to host the largest private solar array in Austin, including solar panels on the rooftop and solar screening surfaces on windows throughout the building. Our surplus energy goes back into the grid. We have energy efficient lighting, timed lighting outdoors, programmable thermostats, and Energy Star appliances.

Water: Our irrigation uses gray water; our landscape company performs routine irrigation assessments and provides drought resistant plants for the outside areas. Also, there are low-flow, sensor-activated water faucets in the bathrooms.

Waste Reduction: We have systems in place to reduce paper usage and assess waste flow. Each staff member received a reusable coffee and water cup, helping eliminate paper waste. Filtered water is provided in staff break rooms to avoid purchasing bottled water. We also recycle old computers and equipment.

Transportation: We offer secure, well lit, bicycle parking for employees and guests, and encourage carpooling to large member and staff events. Electric vehicle stations are also located in the parking garage.

Communication and Outreach: Supporting sustainability is a core value and we’ve shared with staff, members, and the community our sustainable building features and what we’re doing to improve energy efficiency. We periodically have city officials speak at our events and classes. Recently, Austin Water representatives held a community forum at ABoR headquarters to discuss the potential of maintaining the watering restriction currently in place.

About Austin Green Business Leaders

Austin Green Business Leaders is a new city program that makes it easier and rewarding for local companies to join the go green movement. The program offers guidance on how to take action across several areas of sustainability, including waste, transportation, water, energy, employee health, and community outreach.


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