Are You Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations?

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Agent Notifications in Matrix 7.0

BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ…it’s your phone, again, and  it’s been a few minutes since you’ve given it excitations. Perhaps the Beach Boys were actually prophesizing constant notifications in their 1966 classic, Good Vibrations. (We’ll excuse you as that chorus goes through your head a few times.)

Now that you’re back, let’s quickly cover how you can make your own Good Vibrations when you set up Agent Notifications in Matrix 7.0—a new tool to keep you “in the know” about your clients’ Client Portal activity.

Why would you want Agent Notifications?

This one’s pretty simple: besides the adrenaline rush you’ll receive from a new message, you can take advantage of knowing your clients’ activity in their Client Portals. This allows you to proactively approach them with property updates, stay in touch more frequently, and have more information about their home search desires.

They sound amazing; how can I set them up?

Have you ever cooked popcorn using the “Popcorn” button on a microwave? It’s not as easy as that, but at least you won’t burn anything. You have 10 different client actions to select, and three forms of notification types—ASAP email, ASAP, text, and a Daily Summary Email.

  1. Hover over “My Matrix” and select “Settings.”
  2. Select “Portal Notification Settings.”
  3. Select what you’d like to be buzzed about, and how you’d like to be buzzed.
    • For text alerts, you’ll need to activate your phone—enter your number, select your provider, and enter the verification code you receive.
    • To help keep your sanity, CoreLogic will send a message every 10 minutes with your client’s actions grouped into one message, as opposed to an individual message for every action.
  4. Click Save.
    • Did you know? Every time you forget to click Save, you break your computer’s heart.

Try the “Agent Notification Starter Pack”

Not sure what to select? We recommend starting with an ASAP email or text for when a client Saves a Favorite, leaves a Property Note (“Adds Notes”), and Saves a New Search. And to top it off, select a Daily Summary Email for at least one of these categories to see all the action a client took in one day.


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