REALTORS® Make Their Voices Heard at Austin City Hall Visits


Over 20 Central Texas REALTORS® volunteered half a day to make REALTOR® voices heard at Austin City Hall on June 29. The attendees visited with all Austin City Council Offices, including Mayor Adler, and presented each Council Office with ABoR’s 2016 Public Policy Agenda. All of the Council Offices that attended the meetings were able to meet with REALTORS®.

In addition to shining some light on the Policy Agenda, attendees advocated for the importance of CodeNEXT, which modernizes Austin’s deeply flawed Land Development Code. They also thanked council members for prioritizing mobility by taking the first step to add a mobility bond to the upcoming November ballot. ABoR strongly supported the $720 million bond package proposed by Mayor Adler. Even though there was some disagreement on Council as to which mobility package was the best fit, attendees felt it was appropriate to thank all council members for recognizing the importance of bold action to address long-neglected mobility issues in Austin.

“I think what makes City Hall Visits unique is that it’s a real opportunity for our Council Members to listen to REALTORS® and vice versa,” said Katy Hall, chair of ABoR’s Legislative Management Team. “REALTORS® are in a great position to fight for property rights for all homeowners, and City Hall Visits really are an opportunity to be effective in making this voice heard,” she added. Hall encourages REALTORS® to be on the lookout for policy issues that are important to them, their clients, and to get engaged with advocacy activities, such as City Hall Visits and Capitol Hill Visits (during legislative sessions) to share in carrying the voice for their industry.

About ABoR’s City Hall Visits

2016 Public Policy AgendaCity Hall Visits refers to an annual direct advocacy meeting between REALTORS® and elected officials. The visits provide an opportunity for open communication between REALTORS® and their elected officials and allows ABoR to provide a high-level overview of the key issues highlighted as part of the annual policy agenda.

Click the icon above to view ABoR's Public Policy Agenda. This piece was shared with all Austin City Council Members. If you'd like more information, please contact Andrei Lubomudrov, 512-533-4927,



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