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This month, the ABoR Academy is offering courses that help you stay compliant, manage a reputable business, and maintain your clients' trust. From warding off the ghosts of the unethical to driving a stake through risky business practices, you’ll be able to avoid sending your business to the grave when you complete these courses at the ABoR Academy.

Update: Most October dates for the following courses have passed, but they have been updated with November dates below.

Disclosure: What You Can and Can’t Say: What you say can get you in trouble, but per your client/agent relationship, it's your responsibility to disclose information. This course offers disclosure best practices to avoid trouble, but still maintain your client relationship. You will help clients understand what has to be disclosed as part of the real estate transaction.  TREC# Pending | Provider #0001, TAR

This course is offered on October 25 at ABoR Headquarters.

Know Your Code: Articles 15 and 16: The objective of this course is to help the licensee become familiar with Articles 15 and 16 of the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practices associated with each. Topics covered include good faith efforts to ensure that statements and representations they make, including those made in their advertising, are truthful and accurate. TREC# 01-00-117-29854 | Provider #0001, TAR

This course if offered on October 26 at ABoR Headquarters.

Mortgage Loans 101 is designed to teach the fundamentals of the various types of loan products currently offered by lenders in our market and eliminate the confusion often associated with pursuing home financing. The course begins with conventional lending, and explains the difference among Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, the VA, and the USDA. TREC #30915 | Provider #0127, ABoR

This course is offered November 1 at ABoR Headquarters.

TREC Legal Update I: This class covers recent cases as well as topics including changes in the Real Estate License Act and TREC rules, do-not-call rules, anti-spam rules, home equity, mold, assessment and remediation, title insurance endorsements, mortgage fraud and new TREC forms. This course meets four of the eight hours of legal coursework required by TREC. TREC# 04-04-127-29622 | Provider #0127, ABoR

This course is offered November 12 at ABoR Headquarters.


TREC Legal Update II: This course covers canons of professional ethics, discriminatory practices, agency relationships, diligent representation, disclosure issues, advertising and dispute resolution with mediation and arbitration. This course counts toward the mandatory NAR ethics training for membership and  is required for license renewals as four of the eight legal hours. TREC# 04-04-127-29623 | Provider #0127, ABoR

This course is offered November 10 at ABoR Headquarters. 


Stay on top of legal and ethical practices and know the ins and outs of common real estate transactions at the ABoR Academy. For a full list of classes and to register, visit ABoR.com/calendar and select the course.



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