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The National Association of REALTORS®(NAR) is celebrating 100 Years of REALTORS® this year, and ABoR is excited to share this news with our members. As part of NAR’s initiative, the organization is helping promote the REALTOR® brand to consumers. Be a part of the action by getting involved and celebrating 100 Years of REALTORS®!

Share Your Story with NAR

Throughout the year NAR is offering several opportunities for members to show their support in promoting the REALTOR® brand. Currently they have a creative opportunity for you to show off your REALTOR® pride and share with them your dedication to the community. We know you serve your community in more ways than one; we’ve seen many of you in action!

Do you volunteer at a local shelter, serve veterans or the homeless, tutor, or fundraise for a charitable organization? Submit your story here. Your submission will be part of an online project that will show how REALTORS® are making a positive impact in the community around them.

About 100 Years of REALTOR®

100 years ago, the trademark "REALTOR®" was adopted to identify the members of the National Association of REALTORS®: a revolutionary group of individuals deeply committed to integrity, community, and protecting the American dream of property ownership. A century later, time and technologies may have changed the industry and how business is conducted, but our members' strong ideals, commitment to go the extra mile, and their REALTOR® pride haven't.


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