City of Austin launches remote permit scheduling service


The City of Austin’s Development Services Department (DSD)has launched a “Service First” initiative that offers new customer service enhancements. Customer Service Check-In, is just one of the first of many services to launch to the public.

Powered by Qless, Customer Service Check-In allows customers to schedule permitting services from home, office or mobile device.  Once service is scheduled, customers will receive text alerts notifying them of the estimated service time and when they’ve approaching the front of the line. Customers have the flexibility to adjust their arrival time in the event of a delay or they can cancel your request and reschedule another day.

The service is modeled after a similar service adopted by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to improve waiting experience and add more predictability.

Start using Customer Service Check-In today.

ABoR applauds the Check-In service as a promising first step in a longer and larger process of overhauling customer service within the Development Services Department. ABoR has been a consistent advocate for a simplified, streamlined Land Development Code and improved customer experience for property owners who seek building permits.

“We recognize the magnitude of change needed in the Code and permitting processes,” said ABoR Policy Analyst Andrei Lubomudrov, “and we will continue our advocacy to ensure that changes implemented are meaningful and help bring about a simplified, reliable, and predictable development review process that all property owners can understand and follow.”

About the Development Services Department

The DSD was created through the reorganization of the Planning and Development Review Department.

You can do the following at the DSD:

  • Customer service check-in – available now!
  • Find zoning information for a property
  • Request a zoning change
  • Schedule a building inspections
  • Search for development projects online
  • Start a home-based business

Learn more about the DSD here.


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