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No matter where you go, you have access to your Matrix listings. With goMLS Austin, you can view listings, edit your own, and share them with your clients—all in the same app!

Here’s an overview of what you can edit and how you edit listings in the app. Don’t have goMLS Austin yet? Read how to download it below.

3 Things to Edit in GoMLS Austin

With goMLS Austin’s edit feature, you can change the following listing data:

  • Status
  • Price
  • Remarks

How to Edit Your Active Listings

  1. Open the "My Real Estate" menu and select My Listings.
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. Select the change you want to make. You can edit status, price, and remarks. Changes are displayed within 30sec. Note: Only brokers can withdraw listings.
  4. Input all required fields.


  1. There is a calendar function when selecting a date. Tap the icon to the right to pull up the calendar.

  1. When finished editing the fields, press submit at the bottom.

Mobile Tools Course June 22

Want to learn more about goMLS Austin and other mobile tools? Register for the MLS Mobile Tools course on August 2, 2016. View the calendar, select the course, and sign up today!

Read about goMLS Austin features and download the user guide here.

Download goMLS Austin.


Once you download the app, select the "Agent Login" tab from the homescreen and use your MLS credentials to login.



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