Why Everlance could be an agent's favorite mileage tracker

Inman staff writer Craig Rowe raves about Everlance (a new ABoR member benefit) in his blog post below.

Key Takeaways

  • Auto-detection of trips on a mileage app isn't always the best feature. Everlance has included a way to control it.
  • The app has the best-looking and most functional interface of any reviewed in this category.

There is no shortage of mileage trackers and expense apps available for real estate agents. However, there is a shortage of apps in this category that have enticed more than 10,000 agents to sign up in only a few months. In fact, there’s only one: Everlance.


This is, without question, the best-looking app I’ve come across in this milieu. It has much smarter features than MileIQ and goes far beyond tracking mileage. I found MileIQ’s automated trip recording to be too automated. Every time I walked to the garage, it wanted to know if I was starting the truck for a business or personal trip.

Everlance allows you to turn off auto-detection of trips, automatically classify all trips or set time limits for automated recording. A toggle in the user interface makes it simple to set recording parameters. If you don’t take appointments on Wednesdays, then tell Everlance that all trips that day will be personal, and it will record them that way.

The app uses a number of location-based technologies to determine if you’re on the move. If you break a familiar WiFi tether or your device’s built-in accelerometer (motion and fitness activity) detects movement, Everlance will start tracking you. The trip cards that are classified by swiping left or right are nicely summarized breakdowns of your travels.

Everlance was built initially for ride-share drivers. Its developers wanted a cleaner, more pleasing way for drivers to track mileage as well as provide them a more structured business environment, so to speak.


Everlance also helps users classify related expenses like meals, gas and maintenance; manage multiple vehicles; create balance sheets; and export monthly or annual reports. Other features that make Everlance stand out include its vehicle setup, which include car or truck nicknames, and custom icons for quick identification.

The app also lets users establish “Favorite Places,” like offices, restaurants, parks and other common meeting locations. These, too, can be assigned icons.

All of your listings would be great fodder for this feature.


The app also does an excellent job of reminding users how much they can save by properly recording their mileage and expenses. At the current per-mile rate, if you drive 10,000 miles to show and list this year, you’ll have a $5,400 deduction. But it’s not the math that’s complicated. It’s remembering to show your work on April 15.

The app is available on Android and iOS

How much is it?

Members can use Everlance for free, but features are limited and it’s only valid for 30 trips. To unlock additional features like advanced reports, premium support, and unlimited tracking, members can upgrade to premium for $4 a month (with annual contract)! Plus – it’s tax-deductible!

Filing receipts and logging expenses just got easier. Watch a 20-sec demo of Everlance and see how this app will improve your life come next tax season.


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