Meet Matrix’s New Sidekick—GoMLS Austin. Download Now.

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Looking to take Matrix on-the-go with you? Leave the laptop at home because the goMLS Austin app does just that. Think of the app as Matrix’s new mobile sidekick, accessed from your smartphone or tablet device.

Here are five reasons to download and use goMLS Austin:

  1. Access your Matrix contacts and send clients listings via text, email, or using the HomeAssist tool.
  2. Editing listings has never been easier. Update price, status, and remarks on any of your listings. They’re updated on the app and in Matrix within seconds.
  3. Meeting with a client over coffee? Search criteria in a snap and show them a map of listings available in their desired areas that fit their budget.
  4. Let clients see what you’re seeing. Share the app and ask them to download it. You and your clients can review listings together and chat using HomeAssist.
  5. It’s another way to put your brand out there. Your app is branded with your agent information pulled from Matrix. When you share the app with clients, they get an app with your contact information readily available to them.

Get Started Today

Download the app at the Apple Store or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet device. Once you open the app, set the screen to the “Agent Login” tab and login using your MLS credentials.


Check out the goMLS Austin page, download the user guide, and read our other resources to easily become an expert.



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