Avoid Fines! Add Photos to the MLS the Right Way

Last week we published a blog on tips for taking property photos that will wow clients. This week's blog focuses on how to use the photo manager within the Matrix MLS to upload photos of your listings. Not only is the information useful to help promote your listings, but it will also help you avoid the fines stated in the ACTRIS Rules and Regulations under the photo policy.

Please note that you need to be subscribed to the MLS and you will need an MLS number before getting access to the photo manager.

If you didn't already know, the Matrix Photo Manager allows you to:

  • Upload up to 40 photos to your listing
  • Copy photos from your existing listings (any property type)
  • Enter up to 1,000 characters for photo description
  • Drag-and-drop to reorder photos

To upload photos before activating a listing, simply submit the listing as Incomplete to receive an MLS number.

Upload Photos from Your Computer, Tablet or Smartphonephoto_1

Here's a step-by-step on how to upload photos to the MLS.

1.) After submitting your listing, click Add/Edit Photos.


1.) To add photos to an Incomplete listing, use the My Listings homepage widget to select a listing, and then click Manage Photos.

2.) Click the Browse button to select your photos.

For maximum viewing quality, upload photos sized 1024 x 768 or higher. If the photo is larger than this, Matrix will automatically size the photo.

3.) Select up to 40 photos to be uploaded.

To upload multiple photos at once, either hold the CTRL button down on your keyboard while clicking on each photo to select it.

Or click and drag the mouse over all the photos you wish to include in your upload.

The Browse button will be grayed out once the photo limit of 40 has been reached. To replace an existing photo, you must delete the photo first and then add the new photo.photo_4

4.) Click Open.

To add a description of the photo, click anywhere within the image to view the details. You can edit and save the description at any time.

To re-arrange photos

The first image of each listing is considered the Primary Photo. For the majority of properties, the Primary photo might be the exterior of the property.

1.) Click the mouse on the Slot Number in the photo's title bar and drag to a new position. Click the mouse again to complete the move.

2.) Click Save to save the rearrangement.


To rotate photos

1.) Click on a photo to access the editing features.

2.) Click on one of the rotate arrows rotate in the upper right corner to change the photo 90 degrees in either direction.

3.) Click Save on the toolbar to save changes.


If the photos do not display, right-click on the screen with your mouse. Select the option to either Refresh or Reload (depending on Browser being used). This will update your screen.

Stay away from fines.

The MLS has a strict photo policy all members and subscribers must comply with. Here's what the photo policy states:

  • At least one digital image of each property (all property types) listed in the MLS shall be loaded within seven days of the list date unless written documentation requesting a digital image not be submitted is signed by the seller and submitted to ACTRIS.
  • If the listed property has a dwelling, at least one image must be of the front of the dwelling. This does not apply to “To Be Built” or “Under Construction” dwellings.
  • Digital images submitted to MLS shall only contain photos pertinent to the listed property, floor plans of the listed property, and renderings of the listed property or plat maps.
  • Digital images should not contain contact information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses or web site addresses, including use of embedded, overlaid, or digitally stamped information, except for the listing Participant’s yard sign (provided that such yard sign may only be incidental to and a small portion of the digital image).

For more ACTRIS rules and regulations, visit the web page.


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