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If you live or work in the Austin area, you are probably not surprised by the fact that Austin is home to the most congested roadway in Texas (Interstate 35), taking the top spot for worst traffic in a new report from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDoT). What should only be a 30 minute drive through downtown can take anywhere between 75 and 150 minutes during rush hour. With the booming Austin area and increasing traffic congestion, buyers are becoming more and more eager to learn their drive times from their desired home to work and school, prior to making an investment.

With INRIX DriveTime, agents will be able to help clients identify homes that meet their commuting needs without having to test the route first. Fed by the Smart Driver Network, INRIX DriveTime anonymously gathers information from nearly 100 million vehicles and GPS-enabled devices every 15 seconds, allowing for accurate, real-time information to be sent to the palm of your hand.

Access INRIX DriveTime for Free

Integrated with the MLS (and free to MLS members), DriveTime allows for home searches to be customized based on an address (or multiple locations), time of day for commute, and the maximum amount of time one wants to spend driving to and from a location.

    1. Login to the MLS from the ABoR website.


    1. Access Matrix.


    1. Select the search tab, the map tab, and the DriveTime icon to access the feature.


Save yourself the search. Use INRIX DriveTime today and present homes to clients within their preferred drive time. Full PDF instructions.


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