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You have more influence than you know, and right now in the Texas real estate market, your voice is critical to influence the policymakers' decisions and actions that impact your business, your clients, and our industry.

In short, the real estate industry needs you to take your involvement up a notch and become a Texas real estate leader. However you can't influence change and lead the industry overnight; you need the skills in your back pocket to get you there. That's why the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program (TRLP) is the ideal program for REALTORS® interested in developing their leadership skills to help get their voice heard at the local and ultimately state level. Just think, you can be part of the next generation of REALTOR® leaders!

As a TRLP participant, you will:

  • Experience a powerful learning community with the support of other aspiring leaders.
  • Get to hear from inspiring community leaders, government officials, and business executives.
  • Discover how you can contribute to the success of the REALTOR® organization.
  • Develop the skills to make a significant impact in your professional, personal, and civic areas of interest.

There are eight modules you must complete, with an average commitment of one day per month. The program runs September 19, 2017 through May 3, 2018. Most session modules will take place at ABoR Headquarters or Leadership Austin. However, a retreat will be taking place offsite and will entail an overnight stay. Check the Schedule tab on the TRLP page for details. For a description of each module, read the TRLP official brochure.

Will you be a Texas REALTOR® future leader? ABoR is accepting applications now through Friday, August 25.



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