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Finally, your clients are getting the Matrix Client Portal experience that they deserve. Later this summer, the Client Portal will lift your clients into a future full of responsive design, improved search displays, and easier communication with you. Did we mention you'll also start to get notifications of their Client Portal activity? Don’t worry, they’re covered below.

 Watch the Client Portal overview from CoreLogic!

A Taste of What’s to Come

  • A new look and feel, as well as a responsive design
  • Improved search displays
  • Agent notifications of your client’s Portal activity

The Responsive Design Your Clients Deserve

To ease your clients’ use of the Client Portal, the Mobile Portal will disappear. In its place will appear the same Client Portal that users will experience no matter which device they access it from. The updated look and feel will transport them to the present and give them the personalized home search experience that they deserve.

Beautiful Search Displays

The responsive design allows their normal search displays to colorfully and comfortably scroll and scan any and all listings you send via an auto email.

Map View    


List View

Gallery View

Your clients will also be able to search on their own terms and set up a new search via the new search criteria panel:

Stay ‘In the Know’

When your client sets up a new search, you no longer need to be left in the dark. If you set up an agent notification to ping you when a new search is created, you’ll immediately know via text or email. How about that?! Or, if you’d prefer to get a daily summary of their Portal activity, you can make that happen, too. Customize to your heart’s (or mind’s) delight.

These changes, plus a few more, are launching later this summer. Stay tuned to the MLS Updates and Tips section of for more in-depth information about these features and a specific launch date in the coming weeks.


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