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ABoR member perks

The real estate profession can often be like Ozzy Osbourne's “Crazy Train:" Long hours and sleepless nights, with so many distractions and, clearly, not enough coffee. Without the proper equipment and systems in place, the train can easily derail, sending your productivity levels straight off a cliff. At ABoR, we ensure you have what you need to build your business to get it where it needs to go. With our member benefits, you can rest assured Ozzy never sets foot on your train to success.

ABoR helps you filter through the noise of what’s important to make you a successful REALTOR®. When you join the association, you receive exclusive discounts and benefits just for signing up! See what we mean below:

Your ABoR Perks

State-of-the-art technology

We get you where you need to go—virtually. Members receive the most up-to-date listing data for Central Texas and world-class technology. In addition, members have access to:

  • An MLS system with accurate property information at your fingertips
  • Optional MLS add-ons, apps, and marketing tools at no extra cost
  • Supra key and lockbox services (now accessible via smartphone!)

Expert education and training

Receive training from well-renowned real estate experts to help move your career forward. Our ABoR Academy offers over 1,500 hours of real estate courses, including Salesperson Annual Education (SAE), continuing education (CE), TREC Ethics and TREC Legal CE, MLS training, and informative workshops.

Plus, members can get discounted classes!

Freebies and discounts

Who doesn’t love a good bargain?! Members get discounts and freebies just for being part of our association. Look what we have in store for you below.

  • TAR and NAR membership included with member dues*
  • Add-on tools at no cost with your MLS subscription
  • Free MLS training and discounts to a variety of other courses
  • Discounts on Office Max office supplies, hotels, car rentals, ZipForm and DocuSign services, and much more
  • A 10% discount on Canyon View Event Center rentals

TAR and NAR benefits and discounts
There are dozens of everyday benefits your membership makes accessible to you, including access to the TAR Legal Hotline at 800-873-9155 and healthcare through REALTORS® Core Health Insurance. Find your entire REALTOR® member benefits on the TAR and NAR websites.

Your NAR benefits are also accessible through your MLS dashboard.

Advocacy and Philanthropic Efforts

As an association, we go the extra mile to support our members. We are firmly rooted in advocacy and philanthropy and welcome members to join us in raising awareness on the issues that matter most and in giving back to the community—the place we all call home. We provide:

Representation on issues that impact you

ABoR works with state and local policymakers to represent Central Texas REALTORS® on issues that directly affect private property rights and the real estate industry, and therefore, impact you and your clients.

Members have the opportunity to get involved in Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee (TREPAC) and advocate for policies that keep the Austin area a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Opportunities to give back

Did you know that last year the ABoR Foundation raised $85k to give back to local causes in housing, education, and disaster relief? ABoR members have a variety of opportunities to give back to the Austin community. See what the ABoR Foundation is up to right now and get involved today!

Take Advantage of Member Perks

Let us help you get where you want to go professionally. Develop your skills and stay informed on the latest industry news with us present along the way.

Learn more about your benefits.

Not a member? Get started today!


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