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If you work in Central Texas, you have undoubtedly noticed significant growth over the past several years. The addition of new subdivisions and resulting overlapping school districts has warranted the MLS to consider changes in some of the most disputed MLS areas. After feedback from our members, the MLS Operations Committee restructured two of our MLS areas in Williamson County. Members are allowed to insert the modified MLS Area value in Matrix while the map overlays and transfer of historical data are being completed.

There are many factors that influence the decision to change an MLS area, some of which include projected growth in the future, school district boundaries, and feedback from membership. For example, MLS Areas CLN and GTW have undergone significant development along their boundary lines. The resulting subdivisions are now included in the Leander Independent School District, making our previous MLS dividing lines less convenient for our membership. As a result, a new boundary has been proposed, as reflected below.

CLN and GTW boundariesPOST

Another example of an MLS Area change that will be instituted involves MLS areas LH and BU. Previously, the boundary between these areas was defined by the county line, but Rio Ancho Ranch–a new subdivision in the area–contains properties that are on the other side of the county line, within Liberty Hill’s zip code. As a result, the MLS Operations Committee has decided to move the boundary line to accommodate the growing subdivision in the MLS by following the zip code for Liberty Hill, and not the county line, as noted below.

Libery Hill map

Realist Tax will update the MLS area for all parcels affected by this change, and the new MLS areas will be included in the automatically populated fields when creating a new listing within CLN and LH. Matrix will also resolve any inconsistencies with listings affected by this change. The MLS Committees and staff are dedicated to ensuring that the information in our MLS reflects not only the highest standards in data integrity, but also the will of our membership working in the field. With your input, we strive to remain the best and most convenient source for your technology needs.


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