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Adding and editing items in the MLS can be daunting. However, it’s not only important to learn how to add and edit listings, but how do it the right way to benefit you and your clients. This blog will focus on tips for adding new listings, as well as their supplemental documents and photos.

Adding a New Listing

To add a new listing, select the Add/Edit tab on the top menu. Users can choose between three options for inputting a new listing: Fill From Tax, Fill from Existing Listing or Start with a Blank Listing.add a listing

  • Fill From Tax - Search for information in the county tax record to auto populate data into your listing, and manually enter data not populated through Tax Records.
  • Fill From Existing Listing - This option allows you to copy information from another agent’s listing or your own listing, by using the MLS number or searching for the Cross Property listing.
  • Start with a Blank Listing - This option can be used if a property has never been entered into the MLS or if it cannot be found in tax records.

Adding Documents and Photos

  • Documents - Add documents to the listing by using the Upload Document link found in Other Options within the Add/Edit tab. If you have trouble uploading, you can fax the document to ABoR to upload for a $5.00 fee.
  • Photos - To upload photos, select Manage Photos within Other Options. To copy photos from another listing, you must be the listing agent of the property. Simply select “Click Here” and import the photos. Hold down the CTL or CMD key (on an Apple device) to select several photos as once, or hold down the SHIFT or CMD key then click the first and last photo of the folder to select all photos at once.


Please note - You must submit a listing and obtain an MLS number before uploading photos or documents. The option to upload will not be visible until a listing has been created.

Editing ListingsMyListings

  • Edit your listing from the Matrix Home Screen using the My Listings shortcut.
  • Alternatively, from the Add/Edit tab, all your listings can be found from the Quick Modify quickmodifydrop down.
  • From the Modify listing screen you can edit the listing, finish entering data for an Incomplete listing, add an Open House, change the status of a listing, and add photos or documents.
  • Use the Listing Compliance Check to run a report on Active listings to indicate if you have problems with the listing. Any errors will appear in red ink.

These are just a few tips for adding and editing MLS listings. For more information, including how to save an auto email, modify or track in Matrix, or if you need additional training documents, visit the Matrix Tips page on our website.



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