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This article was featured in the September/October 2016 issue of Austin REALTOR®. Read the full article here.

With over 8,000 downloads of the goMLS Austin app, you and your clients have made the mobile MLS app one of the most successful product launches in ABoR’s MLS history. Simply search “goMLS Austin” in Google Play or the App Store to download the app.

For those of you who are already using the app to share listings and chat with clients, here are a few tips to get your “Game On” with goMLS Austin!

Logging In
When you first download the app as an agent, make sure the login screen is switched over to Agent Login. You’ll need to log in using your MLS credentials.

Sharing Your Agent-Branded App with Clients

  • GoMLS Austin allows you to share an agent-branded version of the app with your clients. Click Share My App on the left-hand menu and choose from a variety of options to share the app (text, email, etc.).
  • To provide the most value to your clients through the app, ensure they create an account when you share the app.
  • When you share the app with your clients, you’ll be able to view the properties they mark as their Favorites.

Map bounds and Near Me
When in Map view, the map bounds are part of the search; any filtering you do beyond that will result in listings only within the map bounds.  You can switch to List/Gallery view to avoid map bounds restricting the search results, but when you do so, re-run the search to see correct results. When you select Near Me from the menu, the map bounds are set to the area near your current location, though for that to work you must have location services enabled for your mobile device and allow the app to access your location (a choice made at install time).

You can enter text on the Search screen text entry field.
It can be a full or partial address, a zip code, or a location name, such as city.  If a location name, possible matches will appear under it and you may then select one by tapping, or just finish typing out the location name. Once part of the search, the filters will be applied only to listings in that location.

Only listings of the property type set in the Search screen will be shown.
For example, if you have that set to a residential type, you won't see any listings of a commercial type in the results. The exception to this is if you type the Listing number of the listing; then it doesn't matter which type it is, the app will show you that listing.

Use the search filters to restrict what is shown.
There may be search filters off the bottom of the screen that are set; make sure to scroll down to check on that. Before tapping Save/Search, be sure all filters are what you want them to be. GoMLS generally allows 50 listings to be displayed on the map at one time because the map view is very small on certain mobile devices. Also, some may overlap others, causing it to look like only one map pin when there are really multiple at that spot. You can zoom in to differentiate, or you can switch to List or Gallery view to see them all, though there, too, we only show a finite number; you may need to scroll to the end of the list and swipe up to have the app display more.

Experience goMLS Austin at Realty Round Up

At Realty Round Up on October 19, you’ll be able to attend a course that focuses on the goMLS app! Learn how to connect with clients on-the-go and show your clients what is on the market in real-time. To learn more about this course, see the Realty Round Up event schedule.

Not able to attend Realty Round Up? Attend our Mobile MLS Tools class at ABoR. Stay tuned for course dates on


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