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Your Portal Profile receives a massive facelift with Matrix 7.0. When the Matrix update goes live, you’ll want to ensure that your profile looks and feels like you—the best version of you. Your current information will transfer over to the new format, but since your clients are getting a new Portal experience, how about giving them updated information (and more importantly) a photo from the last five years?

Updating Your Portal Profile Information

You’re going to update your Portal Profile in the same place as always: My Matrix -> Settings -> My Information. With Matrix 7.0, you’ll click “Portal Profile” to update your…Portal Profile.

The “Portal Profile” section is new, but the information in it is pulled from Matrix (under the “Information” tab).  Each of the five sections is editable based on your needs. Here are a few notes to keep in mind when customizing your profile:

  • Click and drag the arrows to the left to reorganize the order of the sections—the top section will appear at the top of the My Agent page, the bottom menu will appear at the bottom, etc.
  • Click the blue bar for each section to edit its content
  • Click the circle on the right to display the section; any section without a checkmark will NOT display on your Portal Profile

As you can see, your Portal Profile now includes the option to include an embedded video (so Hollywood can finally discover you). Let’s take a look at what the options above display on your profile (aka the “My Agent” tab of a Client Portal).

Header & Footer FTW

The final variable of the Portal Profile equation is the Header and Footer. The header will appear on the top of the Client Portal (as it always has), as well as an Agent Webpage and printed Reports and Displays. As for the footer, it now exists. This, if you ask us, makes sense to have in the Header & Footer section. When choosing the right header and footer for your branding, keep the following in mind:

  • You can now customize what specific information you’d like to appear in the header (Name, number, email, website, etc.)
  • There are now over 40 header templates to choose from, and the option of a custom header remains
  • You can also customize the Print Footer information

You’ve now completed your Portal Profile transformation. How do you feel? More importantly, how do your clients feel when they open up their new Client Portal?


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