Primary Elections Recap: How Did We Do?


Super Tuesday has come and gone, and the national media has moved its attention to the later primaries in other states. But here in Central Texas, we are still reflecting on the great REALTOR® Champions that won victory on March 1, and those that will continue to a runoff in May.

Here in Austin, two of the three candidates that ABoR endorsed won their primaries outright. State Representative Paul Workman (HD47) handily defeated his challenger with 60% of the vote. Representative Workman is a strong ally to the real estate industry, and his primary victory is a win for Real Estate professionals all across Central Texas. Since 2011, his work at the State Capitol has strengthened our local economy and ensured that homeownership remains an attainable dream for so many in our community.

County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty (Pct. 3) also had a good night on March 1. Walking away with 70% of the vote, Commissioner Daugherty’s victory means the Travis County Commissioners Court will continue to have a strong voice for common-sense solutions on the dais. While serving as a celebrity judge at the TREPAC Chili Cook-Off Commissioner Daugherty thanked ABoR for our support saying, “You cannot have a better friend than ABoR.” ABoR is thankful to have a friend in Commissioner Daugherty.

Both Representative Workman and Commissioner Daugherty will now turn their attention to the general election in November, but for now they can each breathe a sigh of relief.

The ABoR-endorsed candidate in the race for Travis County Commissioner in Precinct 1, Jeff Travillion, will face off against one opponent in the May 24th runoff election. Mr. Travillion faced a crowded field and came away the front-runner, but did not win over 50% of the vote. If you live in Precinct 1, be sure to get out the vote in May!

We look forward to supporting each of these candidates in their next races and working with them in the future while we work to stand up for the place we all call home.




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