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Real estate is a reputation business. To maintain a stellar reputation, many would argue that REALTOR® Professionalism is the only way to conduct business. Poor practices and etiquette can harm client service and, therefore, negatively impact a business.

Below, are some ways agents can demonstrate REALTOR® Professionalism in their day-to-day interactions. Just remember to respect the three P's: the public, properties, and peers.

Respect for the public

1.  Respond promptly to inquiries and requests for information.
2.  When showing an occupied home, always ring the doorbell or knock. If there’s no answer, announce yourself loudly before entering. Do the same before entering any closed room.
3.  Present a professional appearance at all times. Dress appropriately and drive a clean car.
4.  Be aware of and meet all deadlines.
5.  Promise only what you can deliver—and keep your promises.
6.  Don’t tell people what you think. Tell them what you know.

Respect for property

1.  Be responsible for everyone you allow to enter listed property.
2.  Never allow unaccompanied access to property without permission.
3.  Enter property only with permission, even if you have a lockbox key or combination.
4. When the occupant is absent, leave the property as you found it (lights, heating, cooling, drapes, and so on). If you think something is amiss (for example, you see signs of vandalism), contact the listing broker immediately.
5.  Don’t allow anyone to eat, drink, smoke, dispose of trash, use bathing or sleeping facilities, or bring pets. Leave the house as you found it unless instructed otherwise.
6.  Use sidewalks and walkways. If the weather is bad, take off shoes and boots inside the property before showing it.

Respect for peers

1. Identify your REALTOR® and professional status in all contacts with other REALTORS®.
2. Be aware that large electronic files with attachments or lengthy faxes may be a burden on recipients.
3.  When showing a property, notify the listing broker if there appears to be inaccurate information on the listing.
3.  If you’re the listing agent, share important information about the property, including the presence of pets, security systems, and whether sellers will be present during showings.
4.  Avoid the inappropriate use of endearments or other denigrating language.
5.  Don’t prospect at other practitioners’ open houses or similar events.

Content from this post was previously published on the NAR REALTOR® blog.


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