REALTORS® Get Educated on AISD Schools


Over 40 REALTORS® assembled for the March 1 AISD School Bus Tour, a guided tour of schools around Austin, which featured LBJ High School, Bertha Sadler Means Middle School, Gus Garcia Middle School, and Blanton Elementary. School principals led each tour with help along the way from students who showcased projects and skills acquired through AISD programs like Dual Language, robotics and 3-D printing, and early college credit courses.

As expert resources for clients looking for homes in all parts of Austin, REALTORS® know the importance a high-quality school often plays in a home search. The AISD School Bus Tour is a unique opportunity for ABoR members to interact with principals and become an inside expert on the innovative programs available at many AISD schools.

Part of a growing partnership between ABoR and AISD, the tours are jointly organized by the AISD/ABoR task force. Aside from cultivating a stronger relationship with AISD, the task force works to improve how REALTORS® and their clients access information about local schools and programs.

The March AISD REALTOR® School Tour was the second of its kind. The first tour took place in October 2015 and included South Austin schools Crockett High School, Covington Middle School, and Cunningham Elementary.

If you would like more information about how ABoR is working with AISD to improve resources available to REALTORS®, please contact Andrei Lubomudrov.


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